Friday, 30 December 2016

How I've Done With New Years Resolutions


I'm back from an accidental hiatus due to LIFE THINGS SORRY (y) Thought this was a good place to start! I've had zero time for blogging so I'm rehashing illustrations. Whatevs :P

I've really enjoyed having these goals to keep me set on improving myself over the year and will be making resolutions for 2017 soon! Who am I?! Anyway - here's how I did with my resolutions:

Spend Less Money

Well. I have spent every penny I've earned - but I've done it far more sensibly. Driving lessons, car insurance, tax, petrol, phone bill, I've barely had a spare penny to waste! I did buy a dress or two but I haven't bought anywhere near as many unneeded clothing items or cosmetics, or general crap. In fact I'm now trying to set up a business, slowly, on benefits. I can't really afford essentials so spending stuff on crap for the time-being will be difficult!

But yes - I've done well on this, mostly.

Use Things Up

Yesssss. Getting through stuff and not buying cosmetics I don't need! Wooo! I hope this continues.

Lose Weight

Urgh. What a mess. Turns out having a shitty thyroid makes losing weight even harder than it already was. I'd spend a few weeks doing really well and eating enough calories to lose weight, then get ill and pile it all back on again. Repeat. I've been getting on top of IBS this year too so am having to adjust my diet and blah de blah blah. Now I'm attempting self-employment I'll have more control so might get a bit slimmer :)

Bring the Joy

I've been trying to be a more positive person on the old social media - I think I've done okay. This is a work in progress as I still get tired and miserable and want attention and validation, but I'm working on it!!

Waste less time

Yes! I still crash and procrastinate from time to time if I overdo it but it's getting less often and I'm pretty sure I'm using my time better. Again - self-employment helps here. Stop making us spoonies work normal jobs, Tories!

Start a Journal

I got through one and started another! I've worked through so many issues that were building up inside and it's like the biggest weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I don't feel so much need to write everything down that's getting to me either after doing it so much - I'm far better at dealing with emotions again. I think I'll move on to increasing how often I colour in to de-stress in 2017. Huzzah!

Did you make good progress on your 2016 resolutions or did you give them the finger?