Friday, 14 October 2016

Vegan Toby Carvery Adventure

Living in little old Swanage, Toby Carvery has always been somewhat of a mythical place to me. It's been celebrated for having vegan dishes available for a long time, but I never managed to set foot in one.... 'til now.

Upon arrival, I found a Christmas table set up and a grabber machine so I was super excited. I failed to win a plush Darth Vader, but did find an Eevee in the toilet, so that was cool. Our 20 minute was only about 10 which is always good. Once we sat down I located the dishes that frequent UK vegan Facebook groups on the menu and.... could not decide between the Carrot and Chickpea Wellington and Butternut Squash Crumble. Luckily, they were out of the latter so I went with the wellington, grateful that pastry was soon to grace my mouth. Vegan dishes are clearly marked on the Toby Carvery menu so there is no awkwardness with asking about ingredients or anything.

The most fabulous thing about this place is how much steamed veg, stuffing and (good) roast potatoes you can pile up on your plate. There's even vegan gravy (labelled vegetarian gravy)! I fucking love roasts. I love stuffing. Who doesn't love roast potatoes? *Drool*.

Yay Christmas!

The wellington is super tiny but tasty, and filling. Plus, y'know. Pastry. It's really good and seeing as you can have as much as you want from the carvery deck, it's pretty good value for money! They always have vouchers available by the looks of it, too. I think my meal was around £6? I'll go again, and again, and again.... it's affordable and yummy!

After successfully stuffing myself with all of the food pictured above, it was time for dessert. There is one vegan dessert available - The Chocolate & Cherry Torte. I was having it regardless of what it was because ... vegan dessert available! Yay! Chocolate, cherry and apple are my favourite sweet flavours, so that was a bonus!

 Now, I have to say... the torte isn't great. To me, it doesn't have a rich or strong enough taste and even the sauce isn't too nice. Like, I wouldn't get it again unless everyone else was having dessert or I was there for a full 3 course meal or something. Apple and chocolate is a weird mix, but the cherry pops out nicely at least!

All in all - again please. Toby Carvery, for restaurant all about meat, does bangin' vegan food for an affordable price. I look forward trying the other vegan dishes. For more information on what is vegan there, Veganuary has you covered :) It's so nice to be in a pub-like environment and not be offered falafel or three bean chili!

I hadn't seen one of these since middle school!!

Have you been to Toby? How did you find it? Anything you'd recommend?

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