Saturday, 22 October 2016

Serious Planner Stamps

Yes - I do planners, too.

Inspired by bullet journals all over the blogosphere, I took to my own journal and started to organise it more. For a while I have been using some stamps that came free with the kid's Doctor Who magazine to mark goals achieved... but I ran out. Well, they dried out. Well, some dried out and I trod on the rest. 

Naturally I took to Etsy to find more stamps, and came across The Serious Stamp Company. It is a UK shop selling a wide range of handmade stamps. As usual with Etsy, it's all done by one person (a super rad lady)! Alllll about supporting small businesses :) 

I went for the 6 for £5.50 option and chose from a long list of available designs. I also purchased some bright green ink (because green is the best) from the same shop. All this arrived in no time and in both practical and pretty packaging ^-^

I am impressed with the quality of the stamps and they come with care instructions which is great! I would probably have not thought to wash them often enough to ensure longevity. I love how when you buy like this, the maker has such pride in their work that you appreciate it even more.

As for stamping - the stamps stamp. The stamps stamp well. They're really bloody cute and perfect for my little journal!

I like to think stamps are more eco-friendly then stickers, so I may well be buying many more! I wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone looking for stamps for the planner or diary. Or anything, really. There's some awesome Christmas ones that I have my eye on - STAMP ALL THE THINGS!

Do you have a super sexy planner or bullet journal I can learn from? Know anyone that makes stamps?! Ooooooh isn't organisation awesome?!


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  1. Thanks so much for the post! I really appreciate all of the lovely things you've said about my stamps x