Sunday, 23 October 2016

Lisa Gets Leaner | Weekly Weigh-In | 23.10.16

I've gained 5 lbs! In a week. Ahahaha!

This is really going to plan! "Oh I'll really make an effort to lose weight and use rewards, that'll work" ... *goes over 15 st for the first time this year*. CLEVER ME. I even had a poo before weighing myself this week!

I have, in all honesty, eaten my weight in crap every day this week. I woke up on Monday with really bad payback from a day on my course and a bloody cold! Colds aren't supposed to be an issue but Jesus Christ, it's ruined me! Having no energy and trying to beat up cold germs has caused some ridiculous overeating.  My stomach wanted all the food, my emotions wanted all the food, actual binging was occurring, it was not my week.

I've also been quite stressed due to having my hours cut at work. Emotionally this has stressed me out and played with my mental health a little, and I've been physically stressed due to pushing myself more, looking for work, sorting out illustration commissions and dogs to walk and signing on to Job Seeker's Allowance while missing out on sleep all week..... wow. Nope. We all know how much cortisol loves to help us pile on the pounds! Happy bloody days!

I even made a cake this week! I baked it for my friend as I've owed her a birthday cake for a few months. In my head this was harmless - I'd eat some cake mix and a slice or two the next day. Nope. I ate so much of the cake at work. So, more stupid decisions of what I put in my mouth! It really helped me get through work without passing out, though. (y)

So, after eating loads all week, my boyfriend bought 10 doughnuts. Jam doughnuts. He doesn't like jam doughnuts, so he ate one. I fucking love doughnuts. I have very little self control when doughnuts are just hanging out, going stale. So I ate 9 doughnuts in one day. Yay for binge eating.

So basically - it's been a shit week. But whatever. I've been on the Ryvita today :P Here's to a week of more control, eh? Hope you have a good one.

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