Friday, 16 September 2016

Sexy Beach Babe Photoshoot


I love the whole "how to have a bikini body: put a bikini on your body" thing. I spent my childhood on the beach and in the sea then quit the sandy place of joy when I started gaining weight as a teen. After had one hell of a battle with body image and am now confident enough for bikinis again!

Jet Ski Dog

So, naturally, living 10 minutes from the beach, it took me 'til September this year to get to the damn place. Upon realising summer was coming to an end and I hadn't got to the beach - and more importantly the sea, I got really sad and made a plan to go. Fuck pacing and being sensible when it might be the last few days of actual beach weather! Fuck you, fatigue! Rah!

On the beach I went straight in the sea and asked the boy to take a photo or two for me to look back on for memories sake. I wanted to have photo evidence of me achieving Mission: BEACH. What I found on my phone made me laugh so much I had to share! Here we go:

"I'll just stand in the sea then, shall I?"

"Why are you holding it portrait? Please don't fall off the groyne!"

"I hope that dog didn't pee on my towel..."

"Hehehehehehe, feet!"

What is zoom?



Tada! The sea!

"It was THIS big!"

I like this one! Why couldn't it be straight? 

Okay that's better - but now I have no legs and the composition is awful.

That'll do?!

"Fucking what am I even doing?"

Ursula Andress, eat your heart out.

This looks so papped! I feel the need to write some pointless gossip about who I'm having sex with, how much weight I've put on, and circle all my cellulite :P

Oh, and this is my favourite:

(lisastockley on Snapchat)

So, there is the most sexy and glamorous photoshoot of my life. I am a babe.

The bikini itself was mixing and matching on eBay.

The top came from one of my second hand Bravissimo searches. I am a Bravissimo girl through and through, but am also poor so keep an eye out on eBay. I wanted a bikini top and this one from Pour Moi was available in my usual Bravissimo size, so ordered it! When it came it fitted almost exactly, then I put on some weight and now it's a little small in the cup but whatever, it almost fits so that'll do.

The bottoms are Figleaves, but don't seem to be available from them anymore. Here is a link to some on Amazon. They're alright - the tummy control is sort-of there. Obviously you can see that my gallivanting in the sea caused them to fall down my tummy a bit so you can really see the outline of my belly but... that happens. Pull them up. I didn't realise and don't particularly care.

It's taken me years to brave the beach in a bikini again, I hope you do too (if you want to)!


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