Saturday, 3 September 2016

Ooh! Oils of Heaven Natural Cacay Face Oil


Since discovering Carloine Hirons, queen of skincare, I've had retinol jotted on the side of my brain for when I have money. Lately, I've been having issues with some wrinkles on my forehead and by some miracle, Oils Of Heaven contacted me asking if I wanted to review their new face oil - which is packed with retinol! Huzzah!

Obviously I said yes please. The oil in question is their Natural Cacay Anti-Aging Face Oil*, which is cold pressed from cacay nuts. I'm not going to pretend to have known what a cacay nut is, but a quick Google gave me lots of articles about its anti-aging properties over anything planty or foody - it certainly seems to be flavour of the month! Ooh! Cacay Oil contains vitamin E, linoleic acid and retinol (the vitamin A one, I believe), all good things! Vitamin E contains antioxidants which help prevent aging. Retinol reverses aging. Linoleic acid is an omega-6 fatty acid, which moisturises the skin, with added anti-inflammatory, healing and softening powers, and helps the other active ingredients penetrate the skin! The power of seeds! This oil is advertised as a odourless, fast absorbing oil that leaves no residue. The price tage of £39.99 or 30ml scared me at first, but I have been learning lately, that some things that go on the face are worth forking out for.

Upon arrival I was impressed with the packaging.. The bottle is a good thick glass and will take a lot of skill to break, even for someone as clumsy as myself! Even the pipet is nice and sturdy meaning no post-squeeze leakage, which is great as this oil is precious! 

As Hirons recommends not applying retinoids daily if you're new to them, I eased myself in by applying it every other day as part of my night time skincare routine, before applying moisturiser. Straight away I was surprised how little I needed - 2-3 drops for my whole face and neck, and how quickly it sunk in! Every face oil I have ever tried claimed to sink in quickly, but do they? No. This does! And it leaves the skin dry, yet moisturised. As retinol is basically pointless without SPF, I finally worked some sun cream into my morning skincare routine, and worked up to applying this oil every day. I definitely find it works best for me at night, as even though it absorbs quickly as advertised, for some reason I just spend the day a bit shinier if I apply it before make-up in the morning.

When it comes to odourless? Yes, it has no fragrance. But, it has a similar, nutty scent to flaxseed oil, which I love. This is a faint, natural scent, though. It makes applying it really pleasant. 

After a couple of months' use I have to say - my skin is actually looking better! My forehead wrinkles are definitely looking less severe. They appear more fine and are barely noticeable with make-up on. Before make-up gathered in them a fair bit, but now? Hardly ever! I'm really impressed! The rest of my skin is a little plumper-looking, too!

So, it does the job, but it's still £40. Now, I have been using this for over two months and am only a 3rd of the way down the bottle. Good retinol costs money, and this is on the cheaper end of the scale. It lasts a long time due to needing so little for each use, and it works. I'd say it's worth the money, especially as free worldwide delivery if offered on the official website.

You can find Ooh! Cacay Oil on their website, and also on Love Lula where, using this link, you get a free 30ml bottle of their Rosehip Oil worth £19! The Rosehip Oil regenerates cells and smooths skin as it's rich in Vitamins C, K and A, oleic acid, linolenic acid and linoleic acid. These oils are goooood! And of course, they're vegan and cruelty free :)

Have you tried Cacay Oil? Do you have any vegan retinols you'd recommend? 

*DISCLAIMER: This post contains a PR sample but my views are 100% honest. (I'm a rubbish liar)


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