Thursday, 8 September 2016

Late Summer Dress | 2nd Hand Style


Next from my aforementioned 2nd hand clothing haul from my fabulous chum, is this George dress. It's the first piece of (non underwear or pyjamas) George clothing I've had and when I tried it on I was pleasantly surprised on how... kinda fitted it is! Nothing fits me round the boobs and waist well, but this does! People think I've lost weight when I wear it - but it just fits! It's also a great length (most dresses come up too short for me) and has sleeves - if it had pockets it'd be perfect!

As most dresses come up shorter than this on me,  I need to wear shorts underneath or leggings. This one I can wear comfortably with bare legs in the daytime and whack some leggings on for warmth when the sun goes down. I find this dress lends itself well to summer evenings and late summer in general because of its long sleeves and leg cover, but also the thin, light material it's made from. I feel all this would make it perfect for autumn but the pink flowers make me think of spring and summer? Is a pink floral pattern autumnal? It doesn't go with other autumn shades... I want it to be autumnal!!

I'm sure it's easy to dress this up a bit, but I've been wearing it for casual, easy days and nights so far. It's so comfortable and easy to throw on, I just match it with those same old boots of mine, that same old fake leather jacket of mine and whatever bag is size appropriate for the occasion.

I have urges to hack away at the sleeves and neckline to make it more spring/summer-esque, or try to dye it so the flowers are more autumn-coloured. In fact - I really want to dye the pink another colour! The cut is so autumn I don't understand why the print isn't!

How would you wear it? Do you have much experience with George clothing? Does it all fit so well?! Do let me know in the comments below :)

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