Monday, 29 August 2016

Vegan Cream Tea - Wool

Having a car to practice driving in means I can actually travel! It's so confusing being places that aren't my bed or work! Recently, we drove over to Wool as I'd seen on a local vegan Facebook group that there is a tea room that does vegan cream teas, and the man knew where the it was!

The cafe in question is Ruby's and it's on the left, just before the train crossing when you come into Wool from the Wareham side. Upon arrival the staff were friendly and warm, and I was pleasantly surprised by all the vegan cakes and doughnuts lined up on the counter - I wanted to eat everything!! The place itself is quite small but people were there enjoying what looked like afternoon tea (I didn't want to study their tables too much because I didn't want to freak them out - "Oh hey. I'm just going to stand here and watch you eat your food." Yeah, that's not weird at all...) and there is tables outside in the garden which is lovely. 

We ordered my vegan cream tea and plopped ourselves down on a bench outside. In no time at all my tea arrived. I panicked a little when I realised no sugar had come with it, but it turns out the tea was so nice it didn't need any - definitely not my usual cheapo bargain tea! I believe it was Dorset Tea. They have quite the range of local and loose leaf tea which I'd like to explore one day. I got super excited about my cool cup and saucer. Felt well posh!

After some tea slurping and watching the chef running to and fro (why does he run everywhere? It's so funny!) my scone arrived! Huzzah! It was a good size and of course, came with cream and jam. The cream was not vegan clotted cream but like buttercream icing... so, so lush! The jam was raspberry and super scrummy. The preserves at Ruby's are local and seasonal - these things make me happy! I'm not sure what the "butter" was but it was good too, melted gorgeously on the warm scone. I opted for one half Cornwall method and one half Devon - Cornwall totally works better!

The cream tea was lovely. I get why so many people come to the pub for them, now - it's because cream teas are tasty, not because people are bastards. It was so filling that I struggled to finish it and couldn't fathom buying anymore baked goods. I will definitely be visiting Ruby's again for some cake and hot chocolate complete with vegan squirty cream and marshmallows!

I hope to be trying out more vegan cream teas while practicing driving! Do you have any recommendations?


  1. I was intrigued to find out what actually goes into a vegan cream tea and how they recreate clotted cream. Was the buttercream not awfully sweet? Alice xxx

    1. So was I to be honest! I've had two cream teas in different places now and they haven't served a vegan clotted cream -_- However, there is a place near me that does a coconut clotted cream which I'm hoping to check out!

      The buttercreamy cream was pretty sweet but I couldn't get enough! I'm guessing proper clotted cream isn't sweet? I have no idea what it tastes like haha

      Lisa xx