Friday 5 August 2016

2016 Resolutions Update - August | aka I HAVE A CAR

Hey, everyone!

Meet Dru:

Well done if you've found your way here considering I've had no energy for promotion lately! Let's look at those resolutions now we're halfway though the year shall we?

Spend Less Money

Sort of! I had a bit of a spring/summer shop with my step-mum while on the hunt for perfumes, got a few cheap bits of make-up.... oh, and had a couple of complete and utter benders.... but mostly I am being much more sensible with my money. Late night, high on fatigue ebay sessions may have happened but only twice or something - much less regularly than before.

Turns out if you let your boyfriend buy you a car that you agree to pay him back for, you don't have any money to waste!

Use Things Up

Yes! I've also decided to throw away things I can't rehome. Getting through my facial exfoliating scrubs before buying an acid toner is making me damn impatient!

Lose Weight

Oh, when I feel well enough I lose weight - when I don't, I pile it back on. I've been hovering around 14st 5lbs for a while. If MyFitnessPal could sync with S Health this would  probably be easier!

Bring The Joy

I highly doubt I've been doing this as much as I was during the first part of the year. Things keep happening to make me more ill, which makes me super down, mopey and whiny. I know some of this has leaked onto Twitter, but not as much as before! So that's some progress, yay!

Waste Less Time

Oh yes!! Learning to drive, trying to fit in studying and blogging and drawing and zine writing while working is leaving me with hardly any time to procrastinate. Yay!

Start A Journal

Obviously, I started a journal so this one is done. I have also been inspired by all this bullet journal buzz to do a Lisa style knock-off bullet journal. This includes weekly goals that get a stamp if I achieve them. I'm hoping it'll help me get stuff done and feel happier by helping me do things I love. I may write about this in more detail if I have time.

~ The Other Stuff ~


For a short while my thyroxine levels were okay and I felt great! Well, great for someone with chronic fatigue at least. However, over the past couple of months my fatigue has got extra bad and symptoms from when my thyroid first fucked up have returned. It makes sense for this to be caused by my hypothyroidism getting worse, but it's been two weeks since I had my bloods done with no phone call from the doctor. I'm a little concerned. Definitely need to get on the surgery for a follow up appointment with my GP. I just want to get better, not worse!

Dog School

GoFundMe target reached! Next two years paid for! Reading? Getting there! I'm so excited that everything is sorted and all I need to do now is read books and find transport to my lessons! The book I'm currently reading begins with the evolution of dogs which is so, so boring to me. I can't focus for more than 20 minutes at a push so it's taking me forever to read, but hey - I'm on the right track! Woo!


Lessons are going slow but well, and I now have a car to practice in!! Would you like a post on my car? Is that interesting? He's green!! I booked my theory test last night so I better start trying to fit in using my brain more each week now. Driving is fun and terrifying all at once! Dru is fabulous. Thanks to him I might actually pass my test one day!

So that's basically what's been going on :) Let me know in the comments below if you want a detailed post on my journal set-up or my awesome green car! Hope you're having a great day.


  1. You sound like you are doing pretty well on your resolutions! Good luck on your new car! Found you through Spoonie Bloggers and Vloggers.

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