Thursday, 14 July 2016

Pokéventures 1: Durlston Country Park

I can't decide if Pokémon Go is a blessing or a curse for my illness - the fresh air is great, but the extra walking could be detrimental! However, when my chum, PokéMaster Lee offered to drive around together in search of Pokémon, I was over the moon! A buddy to search with! Walking with someone else is always slower for me, so less strenuous, and the car bit is an utter bonus! So we found some time, got in the Pokémobile and set off to our first location: Durlston Country Park.

It really did feel as though we were Ash and Misty, wandering through the woods, tracking pokémon, and being ridiculously excited about it all. I even wore shorts and a crop top to get more into it.

As usual at this time of year, the orange fly-things were having orgies on the long grass.

While Lee was on a serious Golduck tracking mission, my beloved Vulpix appeared in my Nearby along with my not quite-so-beloved but definitely near the top of favourites list, Bulbasaur. I almost wet myself!

We spent a good while stomping across fields, losing internet connectivity, relaunching the app and trying desperately to find Golduck, Vulpix and Bulbasaur. Upon finding ourselves back near the car, Lee decided to train at a gym for the first time.

~ Exciting Action Shot ~

He won his training battle! Victory! If he wasn't Team Instinct, I'd be happy :P

We gave up on the 3 glorious beasties and headed to the Castle and Globe, two more Durlston gyms. Signal/data was even more of an issue here for me, so I took photos.

~ Durlston Bay ~

~ Attempted panoramic ~

~ Slightly better: The Local and The Tourists ~

It didn't take us long to give up here, too. I caught a Magikarp, but nothing else was loading. Even the Pokéstops were being dicks. We needed to head back to civilisation for any luck catching pocket monsters.

~ I thought this was quite pretty~

With the PokéNav set up, we set off into town. A Hitmonchan appeared but we couldn't find him, then gave up and went home because it was late all of a sudden. Who likes Hitmonchan anyway?

That was my first, proper Pokémon adventure with Go - I don't count wandering around on my own haha. I hope for so many more! This game has made my life so much more exciting I can't even explain! I've been outside way more since getting it, seen more friends, hung with more cats, saw a badger for the first time in yonks, sat on some brambles for the first time in yonks, and HAVE A FUCKING GROWLITHE WOOHOOOOO! Here's to more fun! *raises glass*

Are you enjoying Pokémon Go? Who's your favourite Pokémon?

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