Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Shark Leggings! | 2nd Hand Style

Welcome to the first of a few Outfit Of The Days using 2nd hand clothes from a dear friend of mine. Living ethically in the world of clothes was a lot easier when I was a size 10 because charity shops here cater well to the smaller lady. As a 18-20? I look stupid in old lady clothes and can't afford ethically made garments. Thank fuck my friend had a clear out! So, SHARK LEGGINGS:

Sun face.

These are amazing and beautiful and well made and I hope they last be forever. I've never had patterned leggings before so learning to style them is proving fun! I've chosen a long vest with control pants underneath for a super easy and comfortable look. For outside adventures I don my trusty not leather jacket and sexy, comfy boots. This is my everyday "look at my shark leggings" outfit.

I'd include product details you can get that shit anywhere and most likely from more ethical places than Primark or New Look.

Well hello there, change of lighting! Don't you make things look different!

I fucking love sharks. Last year I discovered Hungry Shark Evolution, have been addicted ever since and have learnt a fair bit about sharks! If you like sharks too there is some super rad shark apparel (including leggings!) at Sharktopia. Their proceeds go to marine conservation organisations, so not only are you buying ethically kinda (supporting an artist and the sea... American Apparel), but you get cool shark stuff! Don't be surprised if I end up head to toe in shark gear one day.

Oooohhhhh! And if you want a crash course in basic shark knowledge there is a series called Shark on Netflix narrated by Phwoar [Paul] McGann!

Anyway, I love these leggings. Yay for 2nd hand clothes!

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  1. You look amazing and those leggings are fucking awesome
    Beth x