Sunday, 8 May 2016

Windproof, Fold-Up, Awesome Umbrella!

Hey ho,

Umbrellas can be a hassle, no? They're either nice and small and fold up to fit in your bag but get blown into uselessness within five seconds of wind - or windproof, but huge, in the way and prone to being left anywhere. Even my beloved plastic see-through ones are too big to be easily or practically portable. I hate lumbering umbrellas around, especially if it stops me using my walking stick. Grr!

Is a fold-up, portable umbrella that can handle wind too good to be true? Apparently not! This Windproof Travel Umbrella* by Crown Coast has come to save my sanity on my way to work!

The first thing that excited me about this umbrella (yes, I get excited about umbrellas) was the choice of colours! I had no idea that functional, practical umbrellas came in such a wide variety! I've wanted to try one since I found windproof umbrellas in a Kleeneze catalogue one day - but working for them left me so out of pocket I could never afford one... plus they only ever had a horrible pink colour. Ew. I chose black because I wanted it to match everything I wear. I'd happily have a little collection, though. The turquoise, pewter grey and dark green ones would be extremely welcome, and the one with a pretty blue sky on the inside is just cool. What a lovely idea!

The second thing is that it has a damn button! Not one of those things you press in to then push the canopy bit back down when closing it up. THIS has a real button that opens and closes the canopy.  It's like a super cool tech brolly (to me, I'm sure much further advanced umbrellas on the planet).

Third? It works. I've been using it in the recent windy, rainy mess that is English weather and it hasn't even turned inside-out yet. It's windproof in the way that when it does get blown inside-out - which is inevitable with a smaller umbrella, it survives this and doesn't break. As it hasn't done this yet, and I live on the coast, I think it's safe to say it's a bloody sturdy little thing. I looked at the other reviews on Amazon for this product, the whole surviving inside-out thing works so I'm not scared of it happening.

It's perfect for me because it folds up and has a cover so I can keep it in my work bag. Living here, I can leave the house in warm, blaring sunshine, and get off the bus 20 minutes later in the middle of a shower. It's awesome to have a reliable umbrella on hand at all times. I no longer have to chose between one that works and one that fits in bags or big coat pockets.

I am really, really pleased with this little brolly. It costs £16.80 at the moment which I think is a good price. It may sound a lot to spend on an umbrella but I spend more than this on them per year due to cheaper ones breaking and not having one on me when caught in the rain. You can pick them up on Amazon here. I fully recommend that you do! Especially if you live in the UK.

*DISCLAIMER: This post contains a PR sample but my views are 100% honest. (I'm a rubbish liar)

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  1. The turquoise, pewter grey and dark green ones would be extremely welcome, and the one with a pretty blue sky on the inside is just cool.windproof umbrella