Sunday, 15 May 2016

I Am Not A Weekly Blogger

Well guys,

It's been a pleasant year and a bit, but I am quitting blogging regularly. I may return in the future but keeping The Jellygoose Blogs a weekly, well promoted and polished thing? Nope. It's too much. For the foreseeable future I will be posting here as and when I feel like and it.

Have my face...?

The decision has been a hard one to make but, for me, it is definitely the right one. When I started this blog I had the time for it. I was just enjoying writing about things I liked and posting whenever I completed a post. The more I learnt about blogging the more routine I developed and more work I did to get people reading it. This meant it took up a lot more time.

Now I am neglecting more important things in my life for the sake of blogging because it feels like an obligation. "I have to blog every week and promote the shit out of it or nobody will read it and there's no point" kinda thing. I do enjoy writing, but I enjoy other things to, and a little bit more.

I need to draw more again. Not just illustrations for this - there's no real expression in that for me. I neeeeed to finish my current zine and make more. I have prints and designs to make and hopefully sell on Etsy and Society 6 blah blah blah. I have chronic illnesses and a job - I barely had time to draw when I wasn't blogging. Not being able to is driving me insane!

I need to read up and study for the next two years - something blogging is stopping me doing. I'm doing this course because I love it. Learning about dogs makes me feel alive. I have never enjoyed learning so much (according to my cruddy memory, at least.) I want to do well at my course. I want to do all the reading I can! Every day I choose to schedule tweets promoting blog posts over this kills me a little bit inside.

Blogging is getting in the way of learning to drive. I have no time to study theory and I'm using up spoons I really could do with when I'm behind the wheel. Practice and homework are paramount for me to get anywhere with this, so I have to make time for them.

Blogging like a serious, proper blogger may have been stressing me out and taking up all my time, but it's not all bad!  I've found some great brands and products - Sinivalia will be a staple brand for the forseeable future for me, and that umbrella I reviewed last week? *dances*. It's been great. If you're thinking of starting a blog don't let this put you off - it's great fun.

I have made some awesome friends through blogging, and, well, through Kelly from The Vegan Taff really! Namely TaniaElleSarahBeth and Shona. Go check out their blogs if you haven't already!

Thank you anybody who has read this blog so far. This is not the end, more a change to a leisurely activity not an unpaid job.

I'm off to study dogs and draw/write zines and nail this driving lark! You can keep up with me on the links below, I will be posting more spoonie beauty tips on Instagram in the future.

Hope you have a wonderful day! <3

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