Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Spoonie Make-Up Hayfever Edition | Lips & Liner

Hello my little spring bunnies!

As hayfever season is on it's way I thought I'd share with you my go-to make-up for watery eyes days.

Again - these pictures are from my old, not-so-great phone and I don't think I'd put any concealer under my eye yet when I took them! 

I keep the eyes simple, use only waterproof products on them and bring attention to the lips with a bright colour.

As always, I opt for Arbonne's CC Cream to save time and energy on my base (full post on this wonderful stuff here) and lip products that don't involve much time, effort or skill to apply.

I have no eyeliner skills so just draw a thin line on the outer half/two thirds of my eyelid. Obviously if you can actually use eyeliner by all means wing it out or something else as fabulous! The more skill in it the more of an effort it looks like you've made.

I usually change up the lip and cheek colours a lot - it's a simple, versatile look which is great when your eyes are watering for a few months on end! Other easy lip products I'd recommend are:

The other e.l.f. Jumbo Gloss Sticks
BD Trade Secrets Matte Lip Melts
Barry M Gelly Lips
Lush Lip Tints

Bascially, anything colourful easy to apply.

Another lip product I use is Little Blue Tin from Superdrug. I'm sure, like all petroleum jellies that it's actually awful for lips, which is why I shove it up my nose. I think it works like the expensive stuff you shove up your nose from health food shops - might catch pollen or something? 

What hayfever-proof eye products would you recommend? I'd love to have more than one interchangeable look for the summer!

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