Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Fabulous Fictional Females

Hello there, shiny lovely people!

Inspired by this post by Morag and this post from Zusterschap, I found myself thinking about the fictional women who have helped shape who I am today, and ended up needing to write a similar post, gushing about them. So here we go!

George - The Famous Five

In all honesty I don't remember a lot about the actual stories, sorry Enid. Though working in the tourist trap most of the locations in the books were based on I really should swot-up. What I do remember is finally finding female to identify with! She was a tomboy and had a dog! So, she was me! That was great.


As with George, she was one of the only female characters I felt I could relate to as a kid. She wasn't very feminine, I wasn't very feminine. She was tough, I won punching competitions with the boys. I'm not sure how deep it went, but I did love her!

Tiffany Aching

I find it odd that this young witch inspires me so much when I've only ever been over a decade older than her when reading the books! Maybe her age makes her even more inspiring? She is more mature than most adults in Discworld. Being a witch, she always has jobs to do. Shit. To. Do. No nonsense please. She is always busy helping people, and sometimes even saving them all! I love being inside her head and experiencing the world how she does. She's so clever, and while mature, still young in some ways ( mostly emotionally/romantically) and always learning. Not only that but she is like, super powerful, important and kick ass by accident. Oh! And she has a pet cheese called Horace. Need i say more?

Starbuck / Kara Thrace

My god. What a badass. I used to watch Battlestar Galactica round my friend's house and walk home pretending to be Starbuck, almost like playing characters as a kid. She's a very powerful, yet very complex woman. I relate to her emotionally vunerable side and aspire to the professionally successful  and super rad side. I loooove that she is the best pilot on Galactica, and a female, it meant I could be rad at things too! She doesn't take any shit and always stands up for herself. However, she does accept her issues and flaws and works to change the things she wants to about herself. I love following her journey throughout the series. I just frakking adore her. So much so that I want a dog called Starbuck and a kid called Kara.

Pam Poovey

 I love this woman. She was teased and humiliated growing up and learnt not to give a flying a fuck what others think. She's the largest female character and while still mocked for it, doesn't care, is always half naked, and fuck whoever she wants. Body acceptance inspo!! She has no shame. She is crude. Her back tattoo is ridiculous yet wonderful.  She tells it how it is. She tries to sleep with everyone (like a certain someone I know after a few drinks...). She openly farts, a lot (also like someone I know...). I like to think we are kindred spirits but I'll never be as hardcore as her.

Lumpy Space Princess

The first episode of Adventure Time that featured this lumpy wonder was instantly my favourite. She is hilarious. But as the show went on, I found her to be quite the flaglump for body acceptance! That song about her lumps she did? Amazing! I also love her bag-dress. Nothing stops her being herself!
I have her tattooed on my ankle to remind me to embrace and love my lumps. Thank you, LSP. My lumps have never had so much love.

I love how the pictures portray the world getting more and more widescreen. Which fictional females have inspired you? Has LSP helped you learn to love your lumps? I'd love to know below in the comments :)

Stay fabulous!


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