Tuesday 8 March 2016

I'm A Chugger! ...+ dogs.


If you don't know already - I love dogs. Like, really love dogs.

 Especially this one

 I want to work with them and do as much as I can to improve the lives of our canine friends as much as possible with the life I have. Specifically, my goal is to become a dog behaviourist and trainer. This way I can help rehabilitate rescue dogs, help people understand their dogs and have a healthier, happier relationship with them, and do what I can to reverse the damage done by dominance theory.

Dogs in lectures = the BEST

Recently I completed Canine Psychology Part 1: Understanding the Modern Dog which was exactly what I have been looking for - a course about dogs that is up to date with science. We even got to tear apart Cesar Milan, shock/prong/choke collars and dominance theory! It was mainly covering stuff I already knew so I was a massive Hermione the whole time. I did learn that cream cheese calms dogs down! It was an awesome time and now I can do parts 2 & 3!

Parts 2 & 3 require £400 and me being able to drive. Aside from being too ill to work that much - my hours have been slashed, so saving money is a huge challenge. I have set up a Go Fund Me page for my close friends and relatives to chuck me a fiver here and there i they can afford it to help out. All the money from this will go to paying for the course and I will hopefully get enough money from work to pay for driving lessons (I had to spend the money I did save due to my hours descreasing).

If you happen to have a spare £1/$1 whatever, I'd really appreciate a small donation, but please don't feel like you have to donate. I thought I may as well put this on my blog while sharing my excitement about this whole thing. I'm on track to achieving my dream!

Are you taking any big steps in your life this year?
What's your favourite breed of dog?!


  1. No big steps for me just yet... Maybe later on in the year.

    My favourite breed of dog is the Staffordshire Bull Terrier... They're totally the opposite of what everyone thinks they are. They're such a lovely and friendly breed.

    Good luck!

    1. Thank you!

      Staffies are so gorgeous! I really hate the bad rep they have, but it's only really stupid people that believe it in my experience. I'd have them all if I could! Little stars! :D