Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Effective B12 & Iron Supplements

Being vegan (and chronically ill) I'm always looking out for good supplements of B12 so had to try out these Vertese Vegetarian and Vegan Beetroot, B12 & Iron Complex* capsules.

These are especially appealing to me because they claim to assist energy levels and reduce fatigue. Most extra vitamins don't really help chronic fatigue apart from B12 injections but I will always try new ones, just in case!

These capsules contain vitamins B2, B6 and B12 to help with fatigue by supporting a normal energy-yielding metabolism and a gentle form of iron to produce red blood cells. The vitamin C in it (which is sourced from cherries) also supports energy production. Sounds good! Plus these are made with beetroot, my one true love. I love that they are free from dairy, wheat, salt, yeast, added sugar, artificial colours, flavours and preservatives. Being tailored for vegan and vegetarian diets, the capsules are not made with gelatine and are approved by both the Vegetarian Society and Vegan Society. Ticking all the boxes!

Speaking of boxes, these come in trays in a box rather than a little pot. While this is more packaging, it might be because they don't keep well unless individually sealed - some vitamins melt if you put them in your pill organiser. So weird. I find popping them out of the foil each time really satisfying. Lord knows why. The pack of 30 sets you up for the month, 10 to a tray. Are they called trays?

The capsules themselves are a muted sandy colour and have a weak taste of cherry (or something similar) sweets! This was such a pleasant surprise - I always get pills stuck in my throat and some are VILE. They're super easy to swallow too.=

As for performance - I really think they work! While I was taking them, uhm... my stools changed in a way similar to when I was taking prescription iron supplements for anemia, only slightly though. Obviously without taking before and after blood tests I can't know for sure, but I think it might be a sign that the iron was absorbed. I had better post exertion recovery time during the month, too. I cannot put this down soley to these pills as chronic fatigue is complicated (and I'm also trying to figure out how much thyroxine I need), but it has been very noticeable. I do think these supplements have helped, or at least done their job unlike other vitamin pills which can go right through you. The change in my poo was very reassuring, haha. Aren't you happy you know that!?

Overall, I think these are a great complex for vegans and vegetarians (and everyone else!) looking for a B12 and/or iron supplement. They're easy to swallow and even taste good!  I'd highly recommend them if you need a boost in iron, B12, or energy. I believe these will definitely help if you suffer from normal fatigue, and might even make chronic fatigue more bearable! I will be using them when I need a boost and to break up my two bowls of fortified cereal a day routine - Bran Flakes can get pretty boring!

You can order them from NutriCentre here for £9.49 which I think is a great price for what you're getting.

*DISCLAIMER: This post contains a PR sample but my views are 100% honest. (I'm a rubbish liar).

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