Monday, 14 March 2016

Amazing Dogs Adult Colouring Book

I've had adult colouring books for a good while now, but rarely turn to them unless I am really stressed at work. I really enjoy them and have been wondering why I haven't used them much - 'til now. Turns out the subject matter just wasn't me. I found this out upon receiving Tali Carmi's Amazing Dogs Adult Coloring Book*. Right away I wanted to colour all the beautiful doggies! Put a dog, TARDIS or lightsaber on something and I'll love it.

Something I love about this book is the paper used for the pages. Other books I've used call for something more absorbent than pencil crayons but don't quite take felt tips and can't keep markers on one page - they always go through to the next one or two. I don't really understand what I'm meant to use with these. I end up using fineliners and having to go over everything about 10 times (well, 2 at least, let me exaggerate and whinge!).

Having plain old, functional paper that just .. works, is great! I look forward to colouring, I can use pencils or felt tips in the book or take the pages out to use markers. The pages are single-sided which makes using felt tips and markers even better. So far though, I have been using colouring pencils. It's so much more therapeutic than fineliners! The blank pages are super handy for checking your colours and such.

The pictures really are beautiful and of course I went straight for my beloved border collie...

...but I couldn't figure out why it was called "herding dog". After a little research I don't think Tali's first language is English which explains the names of dog breeds is a bit dodgy. "Great danish" being a personal favourite, hahaha.

The range of breeds is great and there's a dog for everyone's tastes. Personally I was a bit sad that not all of my favourite breeds are there - but my taste is samey, and the selection in the book isn't, which is great.

I love how it's not too detailed because the more mainstream ones ones take so long to finish they start to feel more of a task than recreational. This also helps with the pencils as you don't have to sharpen them every 10 seconds.

Adult (and kid's ones, actually) are great. I use them to keep my main line of thought focused while the other thoughts have it out with each other. I can concentrate on staying in the lines and which colour to use whilst listening to, assessing and processing all the thoughts that are whirling round my brain. It helps me take a thought like "Chef hates me" and look for evidence proving it, and realising that there usually isn't any, and Chef is just stressed out and human.

Because I enjoy these much more I turn to them almost daily and it's a great way to calm down and almost meditate. I can see my mental health having a much easier time with books like this is my life.

You can purchase Amazing Dogs on Amazon here for only £3.99.

Now, I am off to try shading! Do you know of any awesome adult colouring books?

*DISCLAIMER: This post contains a PR sample but my views are 100% honest. (I'm a rubbish liar).

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