Tuesday, 16 February 2016

"You're not obese, you're [insert compliment here]."

...is what I hear when I tell people I'm obese. Two things:

"You're not obese"

Well, I am. It's not really up to you how much I weigh. The NHS and whatnot define obese as having a BMI of over 30, which I have. I know the BMI Scale is a load of shite and other people come to realise this when I tell them that I qualify as obese. The proper meaning is grossly overweight - how does one define what that is? I don't know. The BMI Scale doesn't work while television pairs the word with images of people who are over 20 stone. This is obviously people are confused when they hear I am obese - I'm not very round. However, by the most used definition in this country, I am obese.

"You're beautiful/gorgeous/whatever compliment."

Why are these things mutually exclusive? Come on, people! We're better than this!

I don't tell people I'm obese because I find it to be a negative thing and want some sympathy or an ego boost. I find it pretty funny, to be honest. It always surprises people. Just like when I tell them I'm closer to 15 stone than 14, and that I wear a size 18-20 when apparently I look like a size 16. It's also earned me the nickname Old Beast which is bloody hilarious. What's even better is my boyfriend who has a great big belly is merely overweight whereas I am obese and look less obviously fat. The whole thing is just a big joke on BMI Scale in my opinion. Maybe think about how you react to things like this, though. Please don't tell anyone they're not obese but are beautiful because if a doctor tells them that they are obese, they may feel super duper ugly. We don't need more of that!

Now, go flirt with yourself in the mirror ;)


  1. I totally know how you feel!! Obese is a word that's thrown around so much, and like you, I am always looked upon with horror when I even give a rough idea that I'm more than 14 stone! In fact, a fair old chunk more! But hey, I do pretty demanding exercise classes 4x a week, can happily fit into my size 16 clothes and am a bit squidgy all over rather than particularly fat in one area. I'd literally need to lose another 4 stone to be in the middle of the "green" bmi, and I don't think I've been that weight since childhood/ early teens!!! :) this post made me happy, thanks! Alice xxx


    1. Oh yay! I'm glad you enjoyed it! I need to lose the same amount to be in the green too, haha. However, after years of help for eating disorders the doctors and I concluded I should be around 11 stone given my genes and lifestyle. Fuck the BMI Scale! :D xx

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