Monday, 11 January 2016

What One Could Call New Year Resolutions If One So Wishes

I never thought I'd do one of these - but here I am! I am always working on the project that is Lisa, finding bits to improve and work on for the good of everything. I have never seen the point in waiting for a New Year to try something new or any of that crap, but I have found that once everyone else has had their time off to take stock of the past year, I have time to do the same! It's nice to actually sit down and assess your progress, see what is or isn't working, and plan for more good things. If this happens to be the same time that everyone else does it - then so be it. It seems to be the only time of the year we get to stop and breathe in this society, So, here goes!

Spend Less Money

If you've been reading this for a while, you may remember that I am trying to save money to learn to drive. In this post I planned little rewards for myself for money-saving milestones. Five months later I haven't really saved a thing. Turns out I'm not actually very good at this saving money malarkey. This is partly because I had a few unforeseen expenses that rinsed my bank account, partly because my hours have been cut so much I did some cries, and mostly because I have a habit of buying things I just don't need. I want them, sure. There is always a way to justify purchasing the random crap I buy - but need it I do not. Before writing this paragraph I was been lying in bed thinking about how much I want to go and get some white bread and cheap maize snacks to nurse my mix of hangover and horrendous fatigue, but as I have all sorts of tummy nurses in the kitchen I stopped myself. I have no impulse control in shops, and often find myself procrastinating before going to bed in some strange eBay K-hole buying clothes to make me feel a bit better about god knows what. I've had enough of myself behaving like this so shall be attempting to spend my money more mindfully. Bam! Starts now!

Use Things Up

This is a simple one. I have loads of make-up and skin care products, so I will not buy anything that I already have, and using up what is already there.

Lose Weight

Last year I spent a few months really focused on losing weight and lost a stone and a half... then I got too busy and tired to focus any energy on losing weight. The time between Christmas and summer seems to be when work is quietest and I have a few more spoons in my non-work life, so I shall put more effort into this mission again. I am not setting a specific goal, as living with a chronic illness is unpredictable. Lord knows I do not need more disappointment to my life! If I weigh less at the end of the year than I do now, that's super. 

Bring the Joy

I like to think i'm a positive person, but fuck me, do I moan about my illness. It's usually on Facebook or Twitter and that just spreads negativity. I don't want people to look at my social media profiles and see a whiny, negative brat. It's not who I believe I truly am. I used to be known as a joy bringer, I need to find that me again. After all, I can't join #GIRLGANG 'til I start spreading good vibes, and upholding the Girl Gang message!

Waste less time

When I butterflied out of the cocoon of misery that was my teenage years, I spent almost all my time constructively. I knew that life was short and I wanted to live without dead time. Now I spend around two hours a day procrastinating – usually before bed. I call it getting stuck. I will do my day, be getting ready for bed and get stuck when I only have my teeth to brush and bladder to empty. I will lose myself on Facebook, scrolling through the profiles of people who have wronged me, or who I miss. Sometimes I find myself on eBay trawling through second hand dresses, or learning about roller coaster accidents. None of this amounts to anything constructive. I find it really hard to pull myself out of these states and lose out on so much sleep because of them. I also find myself wishing for what could have been and pining over what was too much. It needs to stop. 

Start a Journal

I think this will help with the previous goal. If I end each day scrawling down all the shit in my head I won't find myself unwisely spending money or bitterly judging the people who hurt me. I will be dealing with the issues that cause me to do that. I hate living in the past, there are obviously things I need to process more and move on from. Writing about feelings not only sorts things out in my head but always makes me feel better. Hopefully this will give me the boost I need to physically get up, brush my teeth and actually get into bed. It can also be where I complain about my illness, yay! I bought myself a gorgeous The Hobbit Moleskine to make sure I do this. It's to drool for. I drew the illustration for this post in said journal. Let me know if it's okay, I think it's hideous - quick sketches need to be less detailed! Detailed pictures need to be done right, imo.

If I make any progress on these goals, then I've succeeded. I hope you achieve any of the things you wish to in 2016! What are you planning for this year?

Big love!


  1. Spend less money is one of the main things I'm trying to do this year, it's going okish right now but we are only in the second week of January lol when I speak to you, you make me laugh and smile so you do bring joy already :p xx

    1. It's so hard isn't it! I've already bought two tops that I don't -really- need but kinda do haha. I need to bring more joy, more and more and more! :D xx

  2. These are all excellent goals! I am personally a huge supporter of using things up, it brings me a strange sort of joy to use something until it's gone and then (and only then) move on to the next one. I would certainly be the first to run out of essentials in an apocalypse but for now it works out great ;) I think I could also stand to waste less time in my own life, so reading this was a good reminder to strive for that.

    1. Awh, thank you! I just can't stand seeing all this stuff going to waste - I hate waste! I like to de-clutter from time to time but chucking out almost whole bottles of foundation seems super wrong :s
      I've found that installing a TV back into my bedroom with added Netflix has actually helped me waste less time, because I'm actually enjoying something while my body has decided it's not moving for a while, and my main focus is on that rather than the never-ending pits of YouTube! It's cool :) xx

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