Thursday, 21 January 2016

Spoonie Food | Ambronite Drinkable Supermeal

I was really excited when Ambronite* contacted me about this meal replacement shake as it is packed full of nutrition, takes no time or effort to prepare and doesn't even need to be chewed! Perfect for spoonies? Check. Vegan? Check. 500 kcal? Nice! Of course I jumped at the chance to try it out and report to you guys.

Ambronite shouts goodness from the rooftops; it is 500 kcal of fibre, protein, vitamins and minerals. It includes a vegan source of vitamin D, and a whole array of B vitamins to help with energy. You can find the whole low-down of ingredients and nutrition on the Ambronite website here. It claims to keep you full for 4-5 hours, give you energy and can be taken with you anywhere and consumed on the go.

When the box arrived and I opened it, the first thing that took me was this amazing, giant, green bottle. It's amazing! Green is the best colour ever, and it's so ridiculous, I just love it! I immediately knew that if the meal ended up as a disappointment, it wouldn't matter as I'd have a giant, green bottle. Luckily, the shake was far from a disappointment, here's what happened:

I took this bottle and my first sachet of powdered supermeal to work with me the day it arrived to try it out where I need to function my best. I'd planned to drink it while working, which was a huge appeal of this for me but my manager, being lovely, insisted I have a sit-down. I measured out the 550ml of water, added the powder and shook the bottle the best I could. My best wasn't very good. My meal was rather lumpy. My arms had no strength whatsoever and my shaking was pathetic, so I take full responsibility for the lumps. I did like the texture however, the cold water I used came through as I swallowed and was really refreshing. It tastes very grainy, a little like Ryvita with nutty edge. It really helped energise me for the rest of my shift.

Day two I began work earlier and had my Ambrontie on the way to work. I made it at home before I left my house, put the powder in first, water second, mixed it a bit with the handle of a wooden spoon, then shook it kinda sideways as it's illustrated on the packet. I then popped it into my bag upright to leave it to stand for two minutes, as recommended in the instructions. When on the bus I pulled it out of my bag and became that odd person drinking weird health shit. The texture was definitely smoother and thicker this time round and there was only one lump at the very bottom of the bottle. I like to swirl it around my mouth a bit and chew the tiny grainy bits. It reminds me of the powder at the bottom of the cereal box with added milk, but... water. It was much easier the drink this time around, took no time at all.

I didn't feel hungry at all afterwards when I normally would, and I worked really well. I was constantly running around waitressing and not making daft mistakes or even being very clumsy. I ate four hours after drinking it not because I was hungry, but I was offered watermelon. When I ate my next meal only an hour after this I still wasn't actually hungry, just flagging somewhat. The fatigue kicked back in after my 4 ½ miracle hours. I was really impressed. 

Third day in resulted in my first lump-free shake! This time I poured the powder in first and stirred with a gert big knife (the choice of utensils is irrelevant, I just grabbed what was close and clean). I shook sort-of sideways again, chucked it in my bag and ran down the hills to the bus stop. It was a pleasure to drink and kept me full for ages and functioning well for longer than usual.

I drank my 10 sachets of Ambronite over 2-3 weeks, figuring out when to use it for the most benefit. I found it to be a waste of 500 kcal on a day off work. This is because these are rest days for me and I don't need to function very highly at all. I also graze more and it's a lot of calories to have in one go when I'm munching and resting. I found that having it breakfast on my way to work was very beneficial. It's good for B vitamins so gives you a good boost to wake up properly with and actually keeps you locked up 'til lunch – unlike Shreddies. When working a longer shift I'd drink it during my break to help myself get through the last few hours without succumbing to fatigue too much. It really does help with energy and hunger like nothing else.

Including it in my life somehow managed to help me organise my meals better. I wanted to save Ambronite for when it was most beneficial so made more effort to prepare big batches of food when I could to make that possible.

When preparing it, powder first, followed by water is definitely the best way to go about it. It saves getting powder stuck in the lid, making a mess and lumpy food-shake. The website actually instructs you do it this way round, but the sachets say water first. Go with the website!

Overall I think it's a fantastic product. It saves spoons and time to prepare, it keeps you full for ages, it's packed full of nutrition and comes with a big green bottle! The only issue I have with it is that it's pretty expensive, but I am pretty poor. If I had money I'd be keeping a supply of this stuff for when I need it – I think I will definitely be purchasing more when work gets busier again. You can find out more and purchase it at

*DISCLAIMER: This post contains a PR sample but my views are 100% honest. (I'm a rubbish liar).

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