Friday, 30 December 2016

How I've Done With New Years Resolutions


I'm back from an accidental hiatus due to LIFE THINGS SORRY (y) Thought this was a good place to start! I've had zero time for blogging so I'm rehashing illustrations. Whatevs :P

I've really enjoyed having these goals to keep me set on improving myself over the year and will be making resolutions for 2017 soon! Who am I?! Anyway - here's how I did with my resolutions:

Spend Less Money

Well. I have spent every penny I've earned - but I've done it far more sensibly. Driving lessons, car insurance, tax, petrol, phone bill, I've barely had a spare penny to waste! I did buy a dress or two but I haven't bought anywhere near as many unneeded clothing items or cosmetics, or general crap. In fact I'm now trying to set up a business, slowly, on benefits. I can't really afford essentials so spending stuff on crap for the time-being will be difficult!

But yes - I've done well on this, mostly.

Use Things Up

Yesssss. Getting through stuff and not buying cosmetics I don't need! Wooo! I hope this continues.

Lose Weight

Urgh. What a mess. Turns out having a shitty thyroid makes losing weight even harder than it already was. I'd spend a few weeks doing really well and eating enough calories to lose weight, then get ill and pile it all back on again. Repeat. I've been getting on top of IBS this year too so am having to adjust my diet and blah de blah blah. Now I'm attempting self-employment I'll have more control so might get a bit slimmer :)

Bring the Joy

I've been trying to be a more positive person on the old social media - I think I've done okay. This is a work in progress as I still get tired and miserable and want attention and validation, but I'm working on it!!

Waste less time

Yes! I still crash and procrastinate from time to time if I overdo it but it's getting less often and I'm pretty sure I'm using my time better. Again - self-employment helps here. Stop making us spoonies work normal jobs, Tories!

Start a Journal

I got through one and started another! I've worked through so many issues that were building up inside and it's like the biggest weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I don't feel so much need to write everything down that's getting to me either after doing it so much - I'm far better at dealing with emotions again. I think I'll move on to increasing how often I colour in to de-stress in 2017. Huzzah!

Did you make good progress on your 2016 resolutions or did you give them the finger?

Sunday, 13 November 2016

Lisa Gets Leaner | Weekly Weigh-In | 13.11.16


Sorry, I've been busy. Job hunting has taken over my life and it's shiiiiiiiit. Since the last weigh-in I posted I've lost 1lb.

Have an irrelevent photo because it's more visually pleasing. Life has been hard. Dieting has been hard. I lost 7 lbs one week then gained 6 of them back the next. I have no idea what's happening. I've had no energy for MyFitnessPal. I've been stressed. My sleep has been terrible. I've been binging. It's been a mess.

I got really determined and decided to reach my goal of 14st by Christmas.... then realised I'd gone up to 15st and was like.... UGGGH WHYYYY. MyFitnessPal says I need eat 1,200 calories a day to achieve this now, so, um. I highly doubt that's happening. I wish I could exercise!!

This is basically what's been happening since that initial bout of sucessful weight loss last year. I start off well for 2-3 weeks then get to ill to bother.

I will try, but I'm scared. My life is a mess and so is my diet.

So! My current weight is: 15st

My goal is: 14st

By Christmas?!

Let's see...

Sunday, 23 October 2016

Lisa Gets Leaner | Weekly Weigh-In | 23.10.16

I've gained 5 lbs! In a week. Ahahaha!

This is really going to plan! "Oh I'll really make an effort to lose weight and use rewards, that'll work" ... *goes over 15 st for the first time this year*. CLEVER ME. I even had a poo before weighing myself this week!

I have, in all honesty, eaten my weight in crap every day this week. I woke up on Monday with really bad payback from a day on my course and a bloody cold! Colds aren't supposed to be an issue but Jesus Christ, it's ruined me! Having no energy and trying to beat up cold germs has caused some ridiculous overeating.  My stomach wanted all the food, my emotions wanted all the food, actual binging was occurring, it was not my week.

I've also been quite stressed due to having my hours cut at work. Emotionally this has stressed me out and played with my mental health a little, and I've been physically stressed due to pushing myself more, looking for work, sorting out illustration commissions and dogs to walk and signing on to Job Seeker's Allowance while missing out on sleep all week..... wow. Nope. We all know how much cortisol loves to help us pile on the pounds! Happy bloody days!

I even made a cake this week! I baked it for my friend as I've owed her a birthday cake for a few months. In my head this was harmless - I'd eat some cake mix and a slice or two the next day. Nope. I ate so much of the cake at work. So, more stupid decisions of what I put in my mouth! It really helped me get through work without passing out, though. (y)

So, after eating loads all week, my boyfriend bought 10 doughnuts. Jam doughnuts. He doesn't like jam doughnuts, so he ate one. I fucking love doughnuts. I have very little self control when doughnuts are just hanging out, going stale. So I ate 9 doughnuts in one day. Yay for binge eating.

So basically - it's been a shit week. But whatever. I've been on the Ryvita today :P Here's to a week of more control, eh? Hope you have a good one.

Saturday, 22 October 2016

Serious Planner Stamps

Yes - I do planners, too.

Inspired by bullet journals all over the blogosphere, I took to my own journal and started to organise it more. For a while I have been using some stamps that came free with the kid's Doctor Who magazine to mark goals achieved... but I ran out. Well, they dried out. Well, some dried out and I trod on the rest. 

Naturally I took to Etsy to find more stamps, and came across The Serious Stamp Company. It is a UK shop selling a wide range of handmade stamps. As usual with Etsy, it's all done by one person (a super rad lady)! Alllll about supporting small businesses :) 

I went for the 6 for £5.50 option and chose from a long list of available designs. I also purchased some bright green ink (because green is the best) from the same shop. All this arrived in no time and in both practical and pretty packaging ^-^

I am impressed with the quality of the stamps and they come with care instructions which is great! I would probably have not thought to wash them often enough to ensure longevity. I love how when you buy like this, the maker has such pride in their work that you appreciate it even more.

As for stamping - the stamps stamp. The stamps stamp well. They're really bloody cute and perfect for my little journal!

I like to think stamps are more eco-friendly then stickers, so I may well be buying many more! I wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone looking for stamps for the planner or diary. Or anything, really. There's some awesome Christmas ones that I have my eye on - STAMP ALL THE THINGS!

Do you have a super sexy planner or bullet journal I can learn from? Know anyone that makes stamps?! Ooooooh isn't organisation awesome?!


Sunday, 16 October 2016

Lisa Gets Leaner | Weekly Weigh-In | 16.10.16

I gained 3lbs! Oops!

In one week I have attended a gig and got drunk, had to compensate the next day with food, went back to work and spent too many spoons, then spent a whole day learning and using my brain to the max. Lots of energy drinks, lots of needing to shove an Oreo down my gullet to get up the stairs, lots of eating chocolate to feel human, and ignoring calories completely. Sleep is still a bit messed up from last week's insomnia too so, yeah... I also hadn't pooed in quite a while before weighing myself so that probably contributed too, ha.

Hope this week I get more control over pacing and food. I weigh more than when I started! Hahaha

Friday, 14 October 2016

Vegan Toby Carvery Adventure

Living in little old Swanage, Toby Carvery has always been somewhat of a mythical place to me. It's been celebrated for having vegan dishes available for a long time, but I never managed to set foot in one.... 'til now.

Upon arrival, I found a Christmas table set up and a grabber machine so I was super excited. I failed to win a plush Darth Vader, but did find an Eevee in the toilet, so that was cool. Our 20 minute was only about 10 which is always good. Once we sat down I located the dishes that frequent UK vegan Facebook groups on the menu and.... could not decide between the Carrot and Chickpea Wellington and Butternut Squash Crumble. Luckily, they were out of the latter so I went with the wellington, grateful that pastry was soon to grace my mouth. Vegan dishes are clearly marked on the Toby Carvery menu so there is no awkwardness with asking about ingredients or anything.

The most fabulous thing about this place is how much steamed veg, stuffing and (good) roast potatoes you can pile up on your plate. There's even vegan gravy (labelled vegetarian gravy)! I fucking love roasts. I love stuffing. Who doesn't love roast potatoes? *Drool*.

Yay Christmas!

The wellington is super tiny but tasty, and filling. Plus, y'know. Pastry. It's really good and seeing as you can have as much as you want from the carvery deck, it's pretty good value for money! They always have vouchers available by the looks of it, too. I think my meal was around £6? I'll go again, and again, and again.... it's affordable and yummy!

After successfully stuffing myself with all of the food pictured above, it was time for dessert. There is one vegan dessert available - The Chocolate & Cherry Torte. I was having it regardless of what it was because ... vegan dessert available! Yay! Chocolate, cherry and apple are my favourite sweet flavours, so that was a bonus!

 Now, I have to say... the torte isn't great. To me, it doesn't have a rich or strong enough taste and even the sauce isn't too nice. Like, I wouldn't get it again unless everyone else was having dessert or I was there for a full 3 course meal or something. Apple and chocolate is a weird mix, but the cherry pops out nicely at least!

All in all - again please. Toby Carvery, for restaurant all about meat, does bangin' vegan food for an affordable price. I look forward trying the other vegan dishes. For more information on what is vegan there, Veganuary has you covered :) It's so nice to be in a pub-like environment and not be offered falafel or three bean chili!

I hadn't seen one of these since middle school!!

Have you been to Toby? How did you find it? Anything you'd recommend?

Sunday, 9 October 2016

Lisa Gets Leaner | Weekly Weigh-In | 09.10.16

I've gained a little weight! Still 14st 7lbs though...

No surprise here, though! This week has been a baaaad week for dieting. I've had insomnia for the first time in years, all damn week! Obviously this lack of sleep is making me more tired and stressed and both of these things are shite for losing weight. I had a social dinner on Friday at Pizza Hut, barely slept, then let my boyfriend cook me the biggest dinner ever. So I pretty much gave up for a couple of days.

I'm hoping I get some sleep and feel well enough to eat well this week :)

Thursday, 6 October 2016

The Perfect Autumn Eyeshadow!

Hey guys,

This eyeshadow by french company, Avril, might just be the perfect shade for autumn.

The shadow is Noisette Irisé* - a gorgeous, rusty, warm brown. As soon as I swatched it, I thought of bronzey, golden leaves and yearned for jumpers, cosiness and pumpkins! It works wonderfully alone all around the eye and blended out, and it'll go perfectly with the more autumnal shades of the Makeup Revolution Iconic 3 (Naked 3 dupe) palette. It's a very soft and creamy formula which applies well and blends beautifully. While it is quite highly pigmented, it's great to build up - in the photos I buffed a bit more into the outer lid and it looked really good! 

This mascara* and lipstick* are also from Avril, but after trying them out I found out they weren't vegan (really need to check the ingredients before putting things on my face!). They're both good, though!

Avril seems like a pretty cool company. Everything is cruelty free, made in France and affordable. They actually give a crap about the planet which is refreshing - looking to reduce packaging where they can and whatnot. Although some products contain beeswax, they offer a lot of vegan products. However, they seem convinced that only women wear make-up which is a little odd and dated... like, why the focus on women?

This eyeshadow palette of theirs looks perfect for the time of year. Definitely going on the wishlist!

Now that pumpkin spice season is upon us, I will be playing with make-up a hell of a lot more - especially this eyeshadow. What's your go-to look for autumn?

*DISCLAIMER: This post contains a PR sample but my views are 100% honest. (I'm a rubbish liar)

Sunday, 2 October 2016

Lisa Gets Leaner | Weekly Weigh-In | 02.10.16

I've lost a pound! Woo-hoo!!

It's been an interesting week with food. I've been really good and focused on sticking to my calorie goal all day, most of the time. Being on holiday from work has given me the opportunity to sleep enough and pace has given me to freedom to actually concentrate on this. However, there have been a few days where I had a late night binge of chocolately biscuits - not entirely sure why. I cannot, not eat some foods when they are on display. These biscuits were in clear tubs in the kitchen and... it's like my brain shuts off and my body takes over. It happens with chips at work a lot. Since eating all the biscuits, I haven't binged. This is stopping me worrying about it too much as it seems to be seeing them that caused it more than anything. I can't be arsed with delving into my psyche about this, haha.

I did really well once the biscuits were gone, 'til Friday. I woke up 4 hours earlier than I would naturally, had a driving lesson (high energy) and spent all day doing chores (also high energy) and even though I paced, and rested when I needed to - parts of my day were stressful (high energy and fucking draining). This was followed by more driving (high energy), a couple of alcohol drinks (stupid) and not getting to sleep 'til about 4am. It was long day, many spoons were spent and I had to eat to keep going. Saturday was understandably hard. Fatigue was so much worse and although I was strict with my food for most of the day, I gave in later on and had to eat a fair amount to feel vaguely human. I'm glad I did. It made existing much easier.

It's good start, I think! The first week was successful in losing weight despite the slip-ups. Hopefully the next week will go more smoothly and who knows? I might lose 2lbs!

Hope you've had a good week :)

Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Lisa Gets Leaner | A New Approach

Let's try... again!

Up until now, I haven't wanted to set goals with my weight loss as I regularly get too ill to not rely on high calorie foods to do the smallest of tasks. However. I'm getting fed up with hovering around 14 and a half stone. One of my New Years Resolutions is to lose weight, so I need to do something!

Yes I nicked this from a previous post, shh.

Inspired by my colleague, I am going to set goals and reward myself! As I don't have much money, I can't afford massively inspiring rewards, but I'm thinking it'll be bath bombs and albums! Generally things I long for but can never really justify spending money on these days.

So! My current weight is: 14st 8lbs

My first goal is: 14st

My first reward will be:

Hopefully I'll be weighing myself weekly and posting about that here. As always, no promises do to being chronically ill and never being able to do anything I want to - but I can try! :D

Have you found out for Patronus yet? Mine's a rottweiler! :D

Thursday, 22 September 2016

Early Autumn Make-Up


Autumn officially begins today and is my favourite month! Yay! This look is currently what I am going to most, transitioning from summer to autumn, so I thought I'd share it with the world (excuse the bed hair - call it The Autumn Windswept look). 

As I'm sure is no surprise - I use Arbonne's CC Cream all over for my base. It evens out my skin tone, conceals a bit, chills out redness, shrinks pores etc etc etc (full review here). The comes this e.l.f. Eyelid Primer - which seems to have disappeared from their website. That's a shame because it's the best eye primer ever! My eyelids, like my skin, has a fondness for producing oil, so shadow rarely sits in place all day - rather, it prefers to sit in my crease and along my lashline. This stuff keeps it in place for hours and is lovely to apply and blend eyeshadow over. Where has it gone, e.l.f.? Have you discontinued this miracle product? Have you teamed up with Lush to break my heart?

For this look I use the Makeup Revolution Iconic 1 palette which is a vegan dupe of Urban Decay's Naked palette. I pop the dupe of Half Baked all over my eyelid and underneath my eye and blend. Then I go in with the dupe of Smog in my crease and outer part of my eyelid and lower lash line. To add more definition I added a but of the Hustle dupe on the outer corner of my eye. Here's a diagram?

~ First time doing this - do you like it? The eyeshadows haven't translated very well at all on paper, eek! ~

No surprise on the mascara - Lash Vegas Waterproof from Barry M. Full review and why I love it here.

For brows I've gone more natural with my Sand eyeshadow from Arbonne again. The perfect shade for my brows. I don't know what I'll do when I run out if they never make more! D:

As the leaves are turning orangey, I opted for my most orange shade of blush (wish isn't very orange) - Suede by Sleek. Sleek's blushes are fucking glorious and this one is so build-able so you can go subtle or full-blown "THESE ARE MY CHEEKS" and show off your bone structure!

This looks is very much about the eyes for me, so I went for my subtle, more natural highlighter - Linen eyeshadow from Arbonne (discontinued shimmery vanilla). Popped this in all the usual places, as you do. Highlighter done!

Not that you can tell from these photos, but I did add a bit of bronzer on all those spots the sun hits, again, as you do! I use Barry M's Natural Dazzle... which also appears the be discontinued?! What?!

I opted for a glossy, nude lip for this look as it's not quite berry lip season for me, and it just seemed to compliment the eye make-up. I use e.l.f. lip gloss in Bare, which seems to have been discontinued, but is a light browny nude. I feel it gives the overall look a fresh, summery feel, while the eyes are saying "hey,the sun may be out but there's a chill in the air and you're starting to crave pumpkin spice". What lip colour would you wear with the rest of this make-up?

I hope you've enjoyed this look! Do let me know in the comments if you'd like to see more illustrations with these :)

Friday, 16 September 2016

Sexy Beach Babe Photoshoot


I love the whole "how to have a bikini body: put a bikini on your body" thing. I spent my childhood on the beach and in the sea then quit the sandy place of joy when I started gaining weight as a teen. After had one hell of a battle with body image and am now confident enough for bikinis again!

Jet Ski Dog

So, naturally, living 10 minutes from the beach, it took me 'til September this year to get to the damn place. Upon realising summer was coming to an end and I hadn't got to the beach - and more importantly the sea, I got really sad and made a plan to go. Fuck pacing and being sensible when it might be the last few days of actual beach weather! Fuck you, fatigue! Rah!

On the beach I went straight in the sea and asked the boy to take a photo or two for me to look back on for memories sake. I wanted to have photo evidence of me achieving Mission: BEACH. What I found on my phone made me laugh so much I had to share! Here we go:

"I'll just stand in the sea then, shall I?"

"Why are you holding it portrait? Please don't fall off the groyne!"

"I hope that dog didn't pee on my towel..."

"Hehehehehehe, feet!"

What is zoom?



Tada! The sea!

"It was THIS big!"

I like this one! Why couldn't it be straight? 

Okay that's better - but now I have no legs and the composition is awful.

That'll do?!

"Fucking what am I even doing?"

Ursula Andress, eat your heart out.

This looks so papped! I feel the need to write some pointless gossip about who I'm having sex with, how much weight I've put on, and circle all my cellulite :P

Oh, and this is my favourite:

(lisastockley on Snapchat)

So, there is the most sexy and glamorous photoshoot of my life. I am a babe.

The bikini itself was mixing and matching on eBay.

The top came from one of my second hand Bravissimo searches. I am a Bravissimo girl through and through, but am also poor so keep an eye out on eBay. I wanted a bikini top and this one from Pour Moi was available in my usual Bravissimo size, so ordered it! When it came it fitted almost exactly, then I put on some weight and now it's a little small in the cup but whatever, it almost fits so that'll do.

The bottoms are Figleaves, but don't seem to be available from them anymore. Here is a link to some on Amazon. They're alright - the tummy control is sort-of there. Obviously you can see that my gallivanting in the sea caused them to fall down my tummy a bit so you can really see the outline of my belly but... that happens. Pull them up. I didn't realise and don't particularly care.

It's taken me years to brave the beach in a bikini again, I hope you do too (if you want to)!