Saturday 28 November 2015

Music | Shimmy In The Shower - DBPOWER Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker


Told you I'd be back soon. I may be here to solve the problem of what to get the music-loving teenager in your life, I am here to rave in excitement about this product:

The DBPOWER IPX5 Waterproof Bluetooth V4.0 Speaker*. I love technology. I'm not very good at it, I never understand it, but I do love it. I recently welcomed this nifty little piece of kit into my life and now I can dance and sing in the shower – properly. Until now I just had my own brain for entertainment and that usually involves a verse and a chorus of various songs here and there when I'm not concentrating too much on washing, not passing out or gender politics. Back in the day I'd bring my little CD player into the bathroom and blare out my pop punk when in the bath. We never had a working shower - now we do and I can include music in that and actually hear it properly! Woohoo!

I was so confused about how a speaker – something full of holes, could be waterproof, I am just pleasantly surprised that it is. It really is. I first used it in the shower, positioned like so:

...and it survived! I had music in the shower to shimmy on down to. The sound was really clear and could've gone louder than I needed it. Very impressed. The music did sound a little muffled and muted at one point, which panicked me, thinking I'd broken it. Turns out the speaker bit of... the speaker? - the bit where the sound actually comes out, was almost covered in water because it had fallen from its propped-up position to a horizontal one. Phew. I poured the water off and it the sound was amazing again. Happy Lisa. I am so, so happy with this. It's magical.

From now on my showers can look like this! Rather than the boring affair they usually are - especially if I'm bothering to shave my legs, zzzz. It will also make the long process of rinsing henna dye out of my hair more fun when I finally brave dying my hair. The notorious effort of rinsing it out has put me off for ages, but this seems to be the solution to that!

The speaker is advertised as great for outdoor use and while I haven't tried this yet, I think it would work really well. I shall definitely be volunteering it for use at parties and during the summer in the pub garden at work. As it has a 12 hour playtime, it'll be great to add background music to any situation.

It's such a powerful little thing, performs really well, and is well and truly waterproof! It's easy to use - just charge it via USB, chuck some music and/or audiobooks onto your phone and Bluetooth it up! A play/ pause/ on/ off button, and buttons to change track or adjust the volume if you hold them down are found on the side of the device. You can insert an SD card of audio files into it and use it like an MP3 player, or as a hands-free kit as it has a built-in microphone. Instructions are included, of course. 

You can find out more here, and if you want to buy one you can get 10% off with this magical code: CP9KRB7A. Just pop it in at the checkout where it says "Gift cards & promotional codes" and click "Apply". 

Do you have any pieces of tech that add a little bit of magic and joy into your life? If any of them involve transforming my time in the kitchen do let me know!

*DISCLAIMER: This post contains PR sample but my views are 100% honest. (I'm a rubbish liar).


  1. I need a waterproof speaker in my life. Showers are so boring without a soundtrack. Totally gonna ask Santa for one
    Beth x

    Mermaid in Disguise

    1. Christmas Lush products with Christmas music! :D

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