Sunday, 22 November 2015

Life | Where Have I Been?


I'm still alive, look:

Sorry I've been so absent from blogging! I've been so fatigued from the painting + housework + work combination that was October that writing has been too hard for my brain to achieve! I covered this briefly in my last update but will go into more detail in the future... if I ever get the energy to finish that blog post!

Basically, I was doing far more than I should for a few weeks, then didn't have any real time to recover, so booked some holiday from work to rest. Like the dufus I am I booked this the week before Wimbledon Zine Fair, which meant lots of copying and folding zines. I also thought I should take advantage of time off to visit my boyfriend in Exeter for a few days. In my head, I'd go and chill lots, but ended up going out for food and drinks and needing to shop and all sorts of life things and not resting an awful lot. I didn't rest an awful lot at all during my time off. That was dumb. So, naturally, I'm exhausted.

I have, however, been working on a few blog posts and have plenty of ideas and have lots of things I'm excited about to share with you all (like the lip product in the picture! It's Strawberry Bombshell from Lush and is great for an effortless lip colour to fake healthy!). For the next month or so though, posts may be a little sporadic. I am sure after some rest, however, and more structure in my life again (currently job hunting as I am not getting enough hours at my current job - uggggh) posts will be regular here, again, and everything bloggy will be hunky-dory. I have set myself deadlines so you definitely be seeing posts this month and next!

Hope you are all enjoying the run up to Christmas. I started on the Christmas music today ^-^ .. is it too early? When do you start delving into festive fun?

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