Monday, 2 November 2015

A Sober Halloween!

Hey there, ghosts and ghouls!

Hope you've all had a fantabulous Halloween - I've been loving seeing everyone's costumes! I really, really didn't want to go out and get drunk with a bunch of acquaintances this year - it feels a bit overdone. Now I have friends who actually bother with me and don't need to drink to have fun,  I decided to harass them. Luckily, we all wanted to stay in, carve pumpkins, watch spooky films and greet trick or treaters. Yay!

Xena* and I decided to carve some pumpkins the day before Halloween as, well, we both had time and PUMPKINS! While I had already purchased pumpkins a week before, they were far too heavy to cart around so we headed to the shops to get more. There were only two little ones and one larger, yucky one left in Co-op. Definitely getting them earlier next year!

The two we found were lovely, though.

Naturally I had to bring an air of immaturity to the whole event.

This is the first pumpkin I have carved in so long I can't even remember! Now I want to carve them all. For those less accustomed to Pokémon, it is the face of Gengar, one of the ghost types.

Here he is with Xena's bat all lit up! How rad do they look?! I'm so proud of myself.  We ate the bits we cut out and phwoarrr, pumpkin!

This was followed by another fruitless pumpkin hunt and late night stroll along the beach with Argo. 
After deciding whose house to use on Halloween, I got into my costume. After years of zombifying myself up because I'm so damn punk-rock, I thought it was time for a change.

Having just finished I Shall Wear Midnight by Terry Pratchett and his last book being published this year, and it being a Tiffany Aching book - I thought it quite apt to dress as the young witch I love so much.

It just so happens that the only minty-green dress I have is the one that is part of my weight loss saga. I think it's safe to say it fits now, so hurrah for that!

A frying pan was clearly needed for the photos. 

I even got myself a hare necklace! 

As I'd managed to cart my pumpkins over, Xena's daughter joined in with the carving (not that we didn't let her the day before, she just wasn't there). 

Really, really well, I might add. It's not Halloween without the pumpkin king! I did a cyberman and creeped myself out.

Then she creeped us all out!

 Best windowsill is Purbeck!

Though there were only three of us, it was definitely a party, and what's a party without cake? I decided to try the Betty Crocker Devil's Food Mix + can of coke trick and to no surprise at all - it worked.

I did add food colouring to make it all gross and Halloweny-looking when it was in the tin, but then forgot to line the tin. This meant the top turned into the bottom and the cake was stuck together with icing. 

It's a really good. cake.

Once the trick or treaters had stopped coming, and the pumpkins were carved, we played Wii Party. It never sounds like much but it is so much fun and I thoroughly enjoyed this Halloween completely sober! We didn't watch any films but Wii Party's Board Game Island was way more fun. 

What did you do for Halloween? And more importantly; what did you wear?! 

Big love,

*Name has been changed.

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