Sunday 11 October 2015

Arthur and Argo - A Love Story


Sorry I've been so quiet - explanation here. Your life can't be that exciting where walking up the road from you house counts as an adventure. I stomped some ground I used to trample over daily but haven't been to for a while. It was nice. Photographs were taken. So here is a blog post.

This is Argo*. She came to see me on my day off with her human mum, Xena.*

After playing lots of fetch and drinking tea, we decided to take a little stroll. Luckily, it involved lots of rests and sitting down.

This teenage cow was very intrigued by Argo - and us, for that matter. Let's call him Arthur.

He tried ever so hard to say hello, but Argo was intimidated by him being 300 times bigger than her.

His friend tried, too. But failed. 

Arthur, however, got closer and closer. Determined to figure out what this big-eared creature was all about.

"You things look like the things that feed me, but this tiny cow? Fascinating!"

Then, finally, he got to have a good old sniff. They even kissed! It was a story of true passion and romance. Though... I got an Arthur kiss too, so maybe it's a story of fidelity. Sorry, Argo.

We soon entered a field of hay bales. Xena jumped right onto one while I stayed on the ground. Just the thought of jumping and climbing exhausted me.

When the following field turned out to have hay bales too, I actually ended up on top of one. Xena did her best impression of a step, and I climbed her to the top of the bale!

It felt so good to have done something that I thought I couldn't because of my illness. Friends are rad.

Argo joined me. She loves to put her paws on your lap and her face in your face. It's adorable.

It was a lovely afternoon out in the sun, with good conversation, stellar company and the refreshment of being outside. Huge thanks to Xena and Argo for bothering with me - not many people do these days (life with a chronic illness is not a hugely social one!). It's nice to see people in a situation that doesn't involve a bar, especially outside in the sun. I live in a such a beautiful area, it's ace to actually be out in it from time to time! That said, being anywhere but work or my house is exciting these days.

My mother has returned from her holiday, so I should have more spoons for blogging again. Once that gert painting is finished, things here will be back to normal. Hope you are all swell! Have you ever kissed a cow?

*Names have been changed to protect my buddies.
**Xena is a definitely a pumpkin, though.

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