Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Zines | The Jellygoose Chronicles Vol. 1

Hey sexy bottom owners,

So, this blog is basically an extension of a zine/ perzine I write, which involves less energy and means I can scratch the writing itch much easier and more quickly and generally stay sane.  It's basically what you find in this blog but less polished, all hand-written, raw and with more illustrations.  The second edition is taking me forever because all my energy goes into my actual job, and drawing is surprisingly exhausting - but I am getting there!

I haven't managed to get my zine "out there" so much yet but the people who have read it seem to love it.  Here is the first review I ever received for a zine. Also, from the same lovely lady in a later post - "It was a real breath of fresh air - dealing with serious issues like bulimia, as well as larking about and jotting down nice bits of personal trivia, and with the most detailed and careful and wonderful drawings/art." *fans self*

Sorry for the random flash photo - my phone was being a class A twit.

If it sounds like your cup of tea, I have just replenished my stock, now that summer is out the way and I have the energy to press buttons and fold paper - again, surprisingly tiring. You can pick it up from my Etsy shop, along with my little bulimia zine (just waiting on the delivery of an ink cartridge to make more colour copies of that one) if you want to-9 and Doctor Who Christmas cards next month ;)

I hope you enjoy it if you pick one up! I love, love, love perzines, especially ones about mental health, body positivity and feminism. I will be banging on about my favourites on here from time to time in the hope that you guys find zines to fall in love with too. Do you have a favourite zine, write one, or have one to recommend? Do let me know in the comments if so! One can never have enough zines!

Hope you're all having a beautiful September so far,

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