Tuesday, 22 September 2015

OOTD | Poppies Aren't Red? - A Plus Size Playsuit

Hello geese,

I need to gush about this playsuit.

If you like my Facebook page you may know how much I love it already. The sleeves cover any upper arm issues you may want to hide, or hair if you can't be dealing with judgmental poo-heads (and they are the same length, I just didn't realise one was bunched up while taking these as there aren't many mirrors in the countryside). The crossover chest cut is really comfortable and flattering - I pin mine in place to stop my boobs escaping but a smaller bust would be fine. It cinches in at the waist which is just glorious, and the legs aren't so short that they rise up in your chub rub! It's perfect!

The pictures were taken very spur of the moment, as was the chucking-on of my clothes. I realise I haven't styled it very well, but as this is basically just playsuit porn. The pictures are at an angle, the sea is wonky and the lighting changes because, well, I just asked my boyfriend to take them in-between dinner and Doctor Who so it was all rushed. But who cares, really? Look at that sky!

Playsuit | Yours Clothing - sold out but the same print is available on this dress, similar here and here, a more autumnal version here.
Jacket | Primark
Leggings (which are too short - oops!) | ebay
Boots | Primark
Belt | ebay
Bag | Primark
Necklaces | J!NX / National Trust

The It Has Pockets pose.

The I Don't Really Know What I'm Doing pose.

The Flapping My Arms Because Idkaaaah pose, and the closest to a side view you're getting - sorry. It's really rather flattering and makes me look slim in my own head.

The Have I Done Enough Yet? I Feel A Bit Daft pose. The only picture that really shows how well it cinches in at the waist. The belt is just for decoration, the playsuit does it all on its own. What a clever little bugger it be.

I hope you can find this beauty on ebay sometime if you like it. Have a great day!


  1. Hey it looks great! I love that it crosses over the chest, I've got a playsuit but its a little bit booby! Alice xx


    1. It's perfect because you can adjust it around you bust! :)