Sunday 6 September 2015

Mission: Drive | Achievement Unlocked: Vulpix Print - THANK YOU!

Hello, little doves!

Yesterday I checked the post to find a package from Australia which confused me, but thinking it was something I ordered and forgot about or didn't realise was coming so far, I set upon opening it. What I found was a complete surprise:

I was overwhelmed by gratitude and excitement and general asdfghjkl;'! I could not believe that someone had been kind enough to treat me to this. I've been lusting after it for years now, and plan to have a little collection of the Rocky Hammer Drawings Of Pokemon prints and bookmarks one day. I think they're beautiful. They put a realistic spin on the monsters but not so much that they just look ugly. They are still cute but real enough to believe you could have one in our reality - which is what we all want really, right?

Using all my detectoring skills - which are not many it seems, I haven't been able to track down the sender to thank them. So, thank you, whoever you are, it really was a lovely surprise. I am so touched and so grateful I can't even put my joy into words.

Now to cross this off my saving rewards list feeling extra good because it's been an expensive time for me since posting it (explanations will be in future posts) and it's hope that I will achieve my goals, and to find a nice, black frame for the print. Eep!

Hope you're all enjoying this best month of the year so far! I shall be posting more often now the summer is over, and winter is coming ;)

Much love x


  1. What a lovely, thoughtful surprise! It's a beautiful print too, think I'll have to take a look at the others myself!

    Tore | xo

  2. What a sweet surprise! It's a very beautiful print, I would be so excited to get one! I love that it was anonymous too. Those gifts are the best.

    -Brittany W

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