Thursday, 10 September 2015

Lisa Gets Leaner | Spoonie Food - A Nicer Soup in a Can

Hello, pumpkins!

Welcome back to my series of posts on low calorie meals that require little spoons. A few months ago I featured Heinz Lentil Soup, which is great for a quick small meal, but kinda bland. When I found this in the cupboard I had to try it on a day off work!

I popped half a can into a pan, whacked it on the hob and heated it up. At the same time I chucked two slices of bread into the toaster and prepared my bowl, spoon and plate. In no time at all  my food was ready and I'd used hardly any energy at all.

It tastes way better than the original lentil soup from Heinz. Not a strong or hot curry or very chunky but hey, it comes in a can. It's simple, includes protein, fibre and vegetables aaaand it's perfect for winter as it's so warming and cosy - if food can be cosy.

My mother has suggested using it as curry sauce which sounded like a genius idea until I read the same suggesting on the can! Maybe I'm just ignorant to the many uses of soup? Cooking up some brown rice and vegetables will require more energy, but will be a great idea. I'm sure I shall pursue it and report back. I am tempted to just have a mug of it here and there, too.

Calorie Low-down:

½ can of Heinz Lentil Soup with Fragrant Indian Spices: 96 kcal
2 slices of Vogel's Soya and Linseed bread: 190 kcal

= 286 kcal

Now I know what you're thinking - "that's not a meal, that's not even 300 calories!" and you're right. It's nothing. Normally I'd have the whole can and add some Vitalite to the toast which would amount to around 452 kcal, a much more sensible, hearty meal - HOWEVER - I have not been strict with my diet all summer, had Pizza Hut on Monday, alcohol Tuesday and have a wedding at the weekend, and wanted to spend 100 kcal on oreos. 

Anyway, soup and toast is always good should shout if you can barely stand but need to eat :)

Hope you're all swell!

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