Saturday 19 September 2015

Lisa Gets Leaner | Spoonie Food - Delphi Red Kidney Bean & Cracked Wheat Salad

Hello, bambinos!

Today I bring to you a pot of utter joy - Delphi's Red Kidney Bean and Cracked Wheat Salad.

As a spoonie, anything that you can just open and eat with no preparation is bliss. If I get up too late to make my lunch before work, I grab a pot of this, it's brilliant. I sometimes get two so I don't have to make food the next day. 

The beans are there for protein, the cracked wheat is there to provide mouthgasms with its perfect texture and the vegetables are there for crunch! It is so, so satisfying to eat. The dressing provides an adequate flavour which makes this a great pick-up-and-go small meal as you can just pop it open and eat it with the little spoon provided. 

This pot alone will provide you with 300 kcal and bulking it up with some peppers, tomatoes and leafy greens, won't add many calories at all, even with sriracha!

I know it's very wasteful, and easy to make in bulk from scratch and eat over a few days, but when you do need something you can just open and eat with no preparation, this is your guy. You can use the pots for all sorts such as Lush products or, you know, food, to make yourself feel better.

So there you go, some tasty, low calorie, not too bad for you convenience food :) please let me know if you have any recommendations for more! The less spoons spent on food the better these days!

Have a great day,

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