Saturday 26 September 2015

Life | A Little Update!

Hello there, gorgeous ones!

I have no blog post planned for this weekend due to being super busy - there are loads in the pipeline though, I'm not quitting! I thought I'd just do a quick life update thingy explaining why I am so busy!

First of all, my boss has decided I am painting a new peekaboo board - one of those big paintings with the faces cut out so you stick your face in the holes, take a photo and be a massive tourist. I haven't had much time, or spoons (I will never really have the spoons for this) to do anything until this weekend. I need to have a good idea roughed out for tomorrow. It's all go! Good thing I'm used to projects at 100 miles an hour (thanks, Karl!)! So that's that. From Monday I have ten days to paint it, with no experience painting, well, anything really, let alone a big-ass picture. I mean, obviously art projects at school, but that was pushing ten years ago! HOW DO YOU PAINT?!

Secondly, my mother, with whom I live, has gone on holiday for two weeks. My job takes up nearly all my spoons. Now I have to do housework on top of real work. It's really, really hard. I feel so accomplished after getting things done but I am going to crash so hard soon. It's scary.

And third, my next blog post will have illustrations rather than photographs, which will take a while to get done because of this painting malarkey. I may just post a different one, but that'll require writing more and whatnot. So, either way, no new post for a few days! Sorry.

When it comes to weight loss, I basically gave up over summer and am slowly getting back into having the energy to control my food more again. Hopefully this means I can start losing weight again. People keep asking me if I've lost weight, but I think I've gained it, really. That is usually the case when people think I've shrunk for some reason. Who knows?!

Driving, driving, driving... I am saving money, slowly. Money for lessons. My phone was stolen so that set me back, then I booked a college course, so that set me back, but I am almost at my first saving milestone! Meaning I can buy something from my wishlist!

Well, there we have it - babbling. Hope your weekend is less exhausting than mine! Are you doing anything nice?

Big love,

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