Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Lisa Gets Leaner | Weekly Weigh-In | 28.09.15

I know, I know, " no new post for a few days! Sorry.", but...

At work people kept asking me if I'd lost weight. I've been eating rubbish and stressed, and had the idea that I'd gone up to around 14 and a half stone over the summer - so I had to weigh myself.

I've lost weight! Somehow. Yay!  In this post I vowed to lose 7 lbs, and in this post I weighed 13 st
13 lbs, so , I have lost 2/7 lbs! Wooooo! 5 more to go! I shall definitely find some way of rewarding myself for that. In reality, my goal is 13 st 7 lbs, so it's 4 lbs to go really, yaaaaay! I shall probably buy myself something nice from my wishlist or, more importantly, TATTOOS! 

As that has been a pleasant surprise my drive to shed pounds seems to have returned. I shall ease myself back in as I don;t have the energy for MyFitnessPal at all right now. Sensible portions and decisions will be enough effort for now. If you've read my previous post you know exhausting life is right now for me.

Hope you're all well :) Mwah!

Saturday, 26 September 2015

Life | A Little Update!

Hello there, gorgeous ones!

I have no blog post planned for this weekend due to being super busy - there are loads in the pipeline though, I'm not quitting! I thought I'd just do a quick life update thingy explaining why I am so busy!

First of all, my boss has decided I am painting a new peekaboo board - one of those big paintings with the faces cut out so you stick your face in the holes, take a photo and be a massive tourist. I haven't had much time, or spoons (I will never really have the spoons for this) to do anything until this weekend. I need to have a good idea roughed out for tomorrow. It's all go! Good thing I'm used to projects at 100 miles an hour (thanks, Karl!)! So that's that. From Monday I have ten days to paint it, with no experience painting, well, anything really, let alone a big-ass picture. I mean, obviously art projects at school, but that was pushing ten years ago! HOW DO YOU PAINT?!

Secondly, my mother, with whom I live, has gone on holiday for two weeks. My job takes up nearly all my spoons. Now I have to do housework on top of real work. It's really, really hard. I feel so accomplished after getting things done but I am going to crash so hard soon. It's scary.

And third, my next blog post will have illustrations rather than photographs, which will take a while to get done because of this painting malarkey. I may just post a different one, but that'll require writing more and whatnot. So, either way, no new post for a few days! Sorry.

When it comes to weight loss, I basically gave up over summer and am slowly getting back into having the energy to control my food more again. Hopefully this means I can start losing weight again. People keep asking me if I've lost weight, but I think I've gained it, really. That is usually the case when people think I've shrunk for some reason. Who knows?!

Driving, driving, driving... I am saving money, slowly. Money for lessons. My phone was stolen so that set me back, then I booked a college course, so that set me back, but I am almost at my first saving milestone! Meaning I can buy something from my wishlist!

Well, there we have it - babbling. Hope your weekend is less exhausting than mine! Are you doing anything nice?

Big love,

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

OOTD | Poppies Aren't Red? - A Plus Size Playsuit

Hello geese,

I need to gush about this playsuit.

If you like my Facebook page you may know how much I love it already. The sleeves cover any upper arm issues you may want to hide, or hair if you can't be dealing with judgmental poo-heads (and they are the same length, I just didn't realise one was bunched up while taking these as there aren't many mirrors in the countryside). The crossover chest cut is really comfortable and flattering - I pin mine in place to stop my boobs escaping but a smaller bust would be fine. It cinches in at the waist which is just glorious, and the legs aren't so short that they rise up in your chub rub! It's perfect!

The pictures were taken very spur of the moment, as was the chucking-on of my clothes. I realise I haven't styled it very well, but as this is basically just playsuit porn. The pictures are at an angle, the sea is wonky and the lighting changes because, well, I just asked my boyfriend to take them in-between dinner and Doctor Who so it was all rushed. But who cares, really? Look at that sky!

Playsuit | Yours Clothing - sold out but the same print is available on this dress, similar here and here, a more autumnal version here.
Jacket | Primark
Leggings (which are too short - oops!) | ebay
Boots | Primark
Belt | ebay
Bag | Primark
Necklaces | J!NX / National Trust

The It Has Pockets pose.

The I Don't Really Know What I'm Doing pose.

The Flapping My Arms Because Idkaaaah pose, and the closest to a side view you're getting - sorry. It's really rather flattering and makes me look slim in my own head.

The Have I Done Enough Yet? I Feel A Bit Daft pose. The only picture that really shows how well it cinches in at the waist. The belt is just for decoration, the playsuit does it all on its own. What a clever little bugger it be.

I hope you can find this beauty on ebay sometime if you like it. Have a great day!

Saturday, 19 September 2015

Lisa Gets Leaner | Spoonie Food - Delphi Red Kidney Bean & Cracked Wheat Salad

Hello, bambinos!

Today I bring to you a pot of utter joy - Delphi's Red Kidney Bean and Cracked Wheat Salad.

As a spoonie, anything that you can just open and eat with no preparation is bliss. If I get up too late to make my lunch before work, I grab a pot of this, it's brilliant. I sometimes get two so I don't have to make food the next day. 

The beans are there for protein, the cracked wheat is there to provide mouthgasms with its perfect texture and the vegetables are there for crunch! It is so, so satisfying to eat. The dressing provides an adequate flavour which makes this a great pick-up-and-go small meal as you can just pop it open and eat it with the little spoon provided. 

This pot alone will provide you with 300 kcal and bulking it up with some peppers, tomatoes and leafy greens, won't add many calories at all, even with sriracha!

I know it's very wasteful, and easy to make in bulk from scratch and eat over a few days, but when you do need something you can just open and eat with no preparation, this is your guy. You can use the pots for all sorts such as Lush products or, you know, food, to make yourself feel better.

So there you go, some tasty, low calorie, not too bad for you convenience food :) please let me know if you have any recommendations for more! The less spoons spent on food the better these days!

Have a great day,

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

I've Been Interviewed (by The Vegan Taff)!

Hello, hamster cheeks!

The lovely Kelly over at The Vegan Taff has interviewed me about my life dream which is all about dogs! If you'd like to find out more click here, or on the picture above to read it :)

The dog pictured is one my mother and I dogsit a fair bit called Milo. He's half labrador, half rottweiler and all brilliant. 

Hope you enjoy the interview, give your dog a little kiss from me (if you have one)!

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Zines | The Jellygoose Chronicles Vol. 1

Hey sexy bottom owners,

So, this blog is basically an extension of a zine/ perzine I write, which involves less energy and means I can scratch the writing itch much easier and more quickly and generally stay sane.  It's basically what you find in this blog but less polished, all hand-written, raw and with more illustrations.  The second edition is taking me forever because all my energy goes into my actual job, and drawing is surprisingly exhausting - but I am getting there!

I haven't managed to get my zine "out there" so much yet but the people who have read it seem to love it.  Here is the first review I ever received for a zine. Also, from the same lovely lady in a later post - "It was a real breath of fresh air - dealing with serious issues like bulimia, as well as larking about and jotting down nice bits of personal trivia, and with the most detailed and careful and wonderful drawings/art." *fans self*

Sorry for the random flash photo - my phone was being a class A twit.

If it sounds like your cup of tea, I have just replenished my stock, now that summer is out the way and I have the energy to press buttons and fold paper - again, surprisingly tiring. You can pick it up from my Etsy shop, along with my little bulimia zine (just waiting on the delivery of an ink cartridge to make more colour copies of that one) if you want to-9 and Doctor Who Christmas cards next month ;)

I hope you enjoy it if you pick one up! I love, love, love perzines, especially ones about mental health, body positivity and feminism. I will be banging on about my favourites on here from time to time in the hope that you guys find zines to fall in love with too. Do you have a favourite zine, write one, or have one to recommend? Do let me know in the comments if so! One can never have enough zines!

Hope you're all having a beautiful September so far,

Thursday, 10 September 2015

Lisa Gets Leaner | Spoonie Food - A Nicer Soup in a Can

Hello, pumpkins!

Welcome back to my series of posts on low calorie meals that require little spoons. A few months ago I featured Heinz Lentil Soup, which is great for a quick small meal, but kinda bland. When I found this in the cupboard I had to try it on a day off work!

I popped half a can into a pan, whacked it on the hob and heated it up. At the same time I chucked two slices of bread into the toaster and prepared my bowl, spoon and plate. In no time at all  my food was ready and I'd used hardly any energy at all.

It tastes way better than the original lentil soup from Heinz. Not a strong or hot curry or very chunky but hey, it comes in a can. It's simple, includes protein, fibre and vegetables aaaand it's perfect for winter as it's so warming and cosy - if food can be cosy.

My mother has suggested using it as curry sauce which sounded like a genius idea until I read the same suggesting on the can! Maybe I'm just ignorant to the many uses of soup? Cooking up some brown rice and vegetables will require more energy, but will be a great idea. I'm sure I shall pursue it and report back. I am tempted to just have a mug of it here and there, too.

Calorie Low-down:

½ can of Heinz Lentil Soup with Fragrant Indian Spices: 96 kcal
2 slices of Vogel's Soya and Linseed bread: 190 kcal

= 286 kcal

Now I know what you're thinking - "that's not a meal, that's not even 300 calories!" and you're right. It's nothing. Normally I'd have the whole can and add some Vitalite to the toast which would amount to around 452 kcal, a much more sensible, hearty meal - HOWEVER - I have not been strict with my diet all summer, had Pizza Hut on Monday, alcohol Tuesday and have a wedding at the weekend, and wanted to spend 100 kcal on oreos. 

Anyway, soup and toast is always good should shout if you can barely stand but need to eat :)

Hope you're all swell!

Sunday, 6 September 2015

Mission: Drive | Achievement Unlocked: Vulpix Print - THANK YOU!

Hello, little doves!

Yesterday I checked the post to find a package from Australia which confused me, but thinking it was something I ordered and forgot about or didn't realise was coming so far, I set upon opening it. What I found was a complete surprise:

I was overwhelmed by gratitude and excitement and general asdfghjkl;'! I could not believe that someone had been kind enough to treat me to this. I've been lusting after it for years now, and plan to have a little collection of the Rocky Hammer Drawings Of Pokemon prints and bookmarks one day. I think they're beautiful. They put a realistic spin on the monsters but not so much that they just look ugly. They are still cute but real enough to believe you could have one in our reality - which is what we all want really, right?

Using all my detectoring skills - which are not many it seems, I haven't been able to track down the sender to thank them. So, thank you, whoever you are, it really was a lovely surprise. I am so touched and so grateful I can't even put my joy into words.

Now to cross this off my saving rewards list feeling extra good because it's been an expensive time for me since posting it (explanations will be in future posts) and it's hope that I will achieve my goals, and to find a nice, black frame for the print. Eep!

Hope you're all enjoying this best month of the year so far! I shall be posting more often now the summer is over, and winter is coming ;)

Much love x