Friday 14 August 2015

Mission: Drive | My Money Saving Rewards

Hey, guys!

As you may or may not know, one of my goals of the year is the learn to drive (or at least start to as I haven't even got my provisional licence - bloody medical checks!)

This involves a lot of money. I am really rather terrible at saving money, and the time it's taken for the DVLA to even get a letter to my doctor let alone get my provisional to me has really evaporated all drive I had to drive and save the money to do so. Somehow, over the last week, that drive has returned and I have set myself my first real money saving goal and believe the only real way of achieving it, and following goals, is to reward myself by buying something I don't need, but really really want. Like I'm not allowed to spend the money until I've saved some.

To spur me on I have decided to list these items of utter want here in a kind-of wishlist to come back to. I can even update you when I get them and throw a little party! So, here we go;

This Cara Delevingne T-Shirt.

This The Tuts album.

These nail polishes.

Poo pencil sharpeners.

This playsuit.

These white sandals.

This Eden perfume (and the rest of them).

This vulpix print (and others from this artist). ****Acquired****

...and I'm sure there's more. But these are things I've wanted for a while. While this list is totally for me, I hope it gives you some inspiration for... something or other. Of course, if you're laden with money and want to buy be a present, above are hints and I won't say no.... ;) :P

Hope you're having a wonderful day.

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