Friday 24 July 2015

Skincare | Sinivalia Aloe Vera Body Butter - First Impressions

I know, I know, 4 posts in a week. I'm like a real blogger! I would't get used to it though - I work lots for a spoonie and that takes up all my spoons, especially in the summer. This is the third First Impressions post of the week and also of my blogging life. This time the product in hand is Sinivalia's Aloe Vera Body Butter*.

When I opened this I was surprised at how solid it was. It's like a solid Lush product in a tin. All the body butters I've seen up til now have been like a thick yoghurt or something – creamy. This was more like real butter (from what I remember). I rubbed my fingers along the top and then on my arm and Oh. My. Gods. The tiniest bit goes covers so much skin! You can't even see where it came from in the tin. My initial reaction? “This. Is going. To last. For. EVER.” 

In the picture above you can clearly see a dent where I have been using the butter. I am sure that if my friend hadn't dug into it with her nail to get a lump out it would look untouched as you need so little. Since then whenever I swipe my fingers in I pick up more product than I intend to and use a little too much - which is my usual style. I am pretty oafish, clumsy and heavy-handed when tired and in a rush to leave my house, which is often when I am applying this to my skin.

This is enough for a whole leg.

As I am often so rushed while applying this I was thrilled when I found how quickly it sinks in. You don't need to spend any time rubbing and working it in at all. You just swoosh it on and carry on. This, for me, is great news. I rarely bother to moisturise my skin as it takes up time and energy I need to use for sleeping. I know it's important to moisturise the skin. I just have other priorities. I have some body butter that smells amazing which I dowse myself in when I have the energy and feel like pampering myself, but daily moitsurising? Utter thing of the past. 'Til now. I've been using this a lot as it is so quick and easy to apply. My skin also looks kind-of glowy after application, too. Something I have been enjoying while flirting with myself in the mirror.

At first I wasn't fond of the smell as although it isn't fragranced, there is a slight ... almost plasticy whiff to it when you're boshing it on your bod. This didn't take long to get used to though, and a quick spritz of perfume sorts out any nasal issues going on easily. Really though, I love that it doesn't really have a scent to it. You know how into perfumes I am right now – I don't want to mix my scents up! (I have a perfume for that!) I also have fragrance fear from when my eczema was bad, so anything fragrance free is good with me!

I am really pleased with this product. You get such a lot and need so little. It sinks in quickly and does its job well, as far as I can tell. It really is a spoonie product, too. I genuinely think I will be using it at least once daily (it recommends applying it day and night on the label) which I haven't even begun to fathom about a skin moisturising product in years. Aloe Vera helps heal and nourish the skin too, so I'm sure it'll thank me!

You can pick it up on Amazon here, for £10.99 (usually £13.99). Bargain if you ask me! It's like a decades worth of body butter!

I am really impressed with the Sinivalia skincare range so far, I can wait to report back about these products after a few weeks of use - I hope my skin will be impeccable!

*DISCLAIMER: This post contains a PR sample but my views are 100% honest. (I'm a rubbish liar).

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