Sunday 19 July 2015

Skincare | Sinivalia Anti-Wrinkle Face Rose Cleanser - First Impressions

Hooble doop, tiddlypeeps!

This is the beginning of me telling you what I think of a whole load of Sinivalia products. This is a vegan, London skincare brand, that use only natural ingredients and lots of organic ones. They have kindly provided me with samples to review, but I'm sure I shall be purchasing the rest of the range as soon as I can!

We begin with their Anti-Wrinkle Race Rose Cleanser*.

First thoughts: It smells like Turkish delight! Yay! I used to work in a Turkish-run bakery and the only thing I could eat there was said delight so it brings back great memories. Also, who doesn't love the smell of Turkish delight? When I am rich I will have a constant supply of Lush's Turkish Delight Shower Smoothie as I love the smell so damn much, but having an essential product that smells the same? Awesome. I don't need no smoothie now! It's also lovely to have a rose scent that doesn't smell like old ladies who used too much soap. Some rose scented products I've used do, and I just don't want to use them once I have them.

As I applied this to my skin with a cotton round (these) I did find the smell turned a bit cows milky** which was weird but my skin felt so... toned afterwards that I didn't care. The smell soon goes anyway and leaves the original rosy scent faintly behind. I haven't used a toner that has affects you can feel in years. I know some people complain about some toners leaving your face feeling tight (or used to back in "the day"?), but this was a pleasant, sort-of tight feeling. The feeling that my pores were under control. That I wasn't going to be producing bucket loads of oil all day. I had read Kelly of The Vegan Taff's review of this cleanser and she uses it as a toner, so I looked it up on the website and sure enough - “Doubles as a facial toner for regulating skin pHGentle, Effective Cleansing Actions”. EXCELLENT [also - I just read the bottle and it says it on there, too - yay brain fog]. My usual cleanser is a cleanser and toner in one and I was so relieved that this is too. Not only does it mean not buying a toner to review this product fairly but it means using less product - something my skin and the planet are probably a fan of. After using this, wearing make-up and sweating a whole lot, I checked my skin in the mirror and my skin looked better than normal in that situation. I'm not sure what it was, exactly. possibly a mix of less oil, less redness and smaller pores. I shall report back when I've used it for a longer period of time. I am currently using it day and night as I find it does a great job of removing the sleep grime from my face in the morning / "morning", and rids of all traces of make-up my make-up remover may leave behind.

One of the really appealing for me is that it's free of colours and other nasties, is non-toxic and has many benefits for the skin being nothing but, well, rose water. I used to have really bad dry, sensitive skin and eczema. My skin reacted to anything and anything and the more naturally sourced a product - the better. My skin, since using hormonal contraception, has become an oily, spotty mess. Rather than reacting with eczema it reacts with spots. As this has seems to have already had a positive affect on the oiliness of my face, I'll be interested to know if it helps with the acne. It's also paraben, gluten and sulphate free, if you're into that kind of thing / allergic.

Obviously it's called Anti-Wrinkle Face Rose Cleanser, which I can't really report about right now - mostly because I don't have any wrinkles. I don't think. I'm 27 years young and everyone assumes I'm 23. It does leave my skin feeling really soft, which is nice. If people think I look 18 in a month, I'll let you know.

As this is just a first impressions post, I am really excited to use it for a few weeks and report back with a proper review. I am using it in conjunction with other Sinivalia products which I shall be posting first impressions of soon. This cleanser is available on Amazon here for £10.99 (usually £15.99) which is a good price for such a pure and natural product. I'm often tempted to buy Arbonne skincare products for the skin-friendly ingredients, but this range is much more affordable if you lack the funds.

I look forward to continuing with this product and hope to report back with good news.

*DISCLAIMER: This post contains PR sample but my views are 100% honest. (I'm a rubbish liar).

**I wondered if this was because my rounds hadn't dried properly so tried it with cotton wool but the smell was the same.***

***I think everything smells of cow's milk.

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