Friday, 3 July 2015

OOTD | Slightly Punk Rock Waitress

As I wear this outfit - and variations of it, almost every day, I thought I'd do an OOTD on it. I like being able to express a certain me-ness through my clothes while abiding by the rules. Also, my life is super boring.

*TOP BLOGGER TIP* when posing for OOTDs, stand into the wind in a loose-fitting top for a SUPER flattering waist shape.

As you can see, the colour (or absence of light) we're required to wear is; black. Which is great! As a very round, punk-loving teenager, black was my best friend. It was apparently slimming and CRASS taught me to wear all black, always.

Tying your hair back into a ponytail shows people you mean serious business. In films, the women always tie their hair up if they're about to do some hard science or beat the shit out of someone. I like people to think I'm all about serving their food or pulling their pints. Serious Business. Business Time., wait. Not business time.

Where I get to be really punk-rock is with my trousers and shoes! Vegan Dr. Martens and turn-up skinny pantaloons? Hell yes!

The apron is great for having pockets when your girl-trousers have none. Pockets are good for order pads, pens and lip balm. 
Why are so many clothes made for women so shit at storage and practicality?! We can't carry handbags around at work - stop trying to make us buy more!

Why do you hate models, Matilda?

This pretty rose quartz necklace represents my secret timelord identity. (It's two hearts)
Face is punk as fuck. Duh.

Slim work trousers with turn-ups AND pockets | Primark
T-shirt | Primark via my boss via the printers via my boss again
Apron | ebay
Shoes | Dr. Martens
Necklace | National Trust Shop

I hope this post brings something positive into the world.

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