Monday 6 July 2015

Eden Perfumes: No. 43 & No. 57 / Dior Hypotic Poison & Pure Poison Dupes

Ye gods, you guys!


When I was a teenager I woke up after a party with a glorious smell on my wrist. After a few minutes, memories of my friend spraying perfume on me tripped into my brain, so I jumped onto MySpace and asked her what it was. I had to have it. It turned out to be Dior's Hypnotic Poison (thanks, Ellie). After purchasing I doused myself in it all the time and it soon became my signature scent. I bought myself Pure Poison by Dior as I had discovered this thing called perfume and wanted to smell amazing all the time. It was really exciting. These two scents accompanied me for a few years (there were others, but these were the BEST) and made my nose very happy. When learning about the ins and outs of veganism, however, they didn't make my heart very happy. I could be spraying civet cat bum on me?! Gross! And animal testing? Nooooope.

Since then I relied on Lush for perfumes as I wasn't really fussed about scents after the initial excitement of discovering them. Lush, to me at least, is a local (lol) ethically sound (as far as global companies go) source of perfume, usually made by my friends, or friends of friends. The scents back then were so different to usual perfume - Gorilla Perfume wasn't a thing yet. I could choose between smelling of grass, vanilla (pre-Gorilla Vanillary was so much better!), or jelly babies. "This was what perfumes should be about!" I thought.

I haven't really developed much interest in smelling of things again until recently. I've enjoyed some of the Gorilla Perfumes lately, and a friend at work has a plethora of scents and always smells amazing. This inspired me to buy a whole load of smells to put on myself. What also helped, was becoming a member of the Facebook group 100% Vegan Products UK. It has constant posts from new vegans asking about things, and almost every day includes an ask about vegan perfume. These are always answered by people recommending Eden Perfumes in Brighton, for they make vegan dupes of perfumes made by the big players in the scent game (those with adverts on the telly and such).

Last week I finally got round to seeing if they had dupes for my beloved Poisons and sure enough - they did! For under half the price. I ordered them without hesitation, then, after seeing all the glowing reviews for Eden, I was really excited for their delivery. They arrived quickly and although I was scared they wouldn't be perfect, I ripped them out and had a whiff. And..... oh. My. God. They are exactly the same as the Dior perfumes! I smelt them and was transported back to my angsty, fucked-up teenage self. Smells are time machines I tell ya! I love the simplistic packaging and DIY-ness of the labeling. They look so sleek next to each other on my shelf. I'd love a neat collection of them!

So basically I'm really, really impressed with these and will most likely buy more even though I am trying to save money. The perfumes make me so happy and I couldn't recommend them enough. Even if you're not huge into animals, the environment or your own health - these are £15 a bottle! Swapping the big brands for these dupes saves money. What is there possibly to not rave about here?

Do you have any favourite vegan perfumes the world needs to know about or experiences with Eden Perfumes? I'd love to know about them down in the comments.

My memory has decided to work today and the perfume illustrated called Grass was actually called Green, I think. There was a body spray, too. It was lovely. ....was it Green? Does anyone remember?


  1. This is my favourite post to date! The photos are perfect and it's something I've been looking at buying for myself, now I know I'm going to have to. Fab job Lisa.

    The Vegan Taff | cruelty-free beauty and lifestyle

    1. Oh, I forgot to mention your illustrations. As usual they're awesome, I particularly love the second one!

    2. Thank you! ^_^ Do you remember the good ol' days of only solid perfumes really non-perfumy scents? It feels a bit like a dream, and it wasn't even that long ago! I think?!

  2. This is amazing :) best post ever

  3. I love your illustrations' :-) I'm wearing the Eden hypnotic poison match today. Smells. So. Good!!

    1. Thank you very much! It's gorgeous isn't it! I'm pretty much living in it now!

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