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Spoonie Make-Up | Lips and Lashes

Hello there, gooses.

Today begins the first of a series in which I share my tips for cutting corners with make-up to save time and energy while looking like a healthy person who has made an effort at the end of it. I hope this provides inspiration for fellow spoonies who find make-up a little too much most days but are required to /want to wear it anyway. So here goes!

~ Lips and Lashes ~

This is my go to look when I am working an “early” shift (in pub hours that is starting at midday) or when I am particularly low on spoons. It requires hardly any skill, time or effort, so is, therefore, perfect. The subtle hints of make up that mascara and a hint of colour on the lips provide are great at giving the illusion that you've made an effort and are, therefore, healthy.

~ Products involved ~

Make-Up Revolution Amazing Care Lipstick in Electric Love

Arbonne products need to be purchased through an Arbonne rep - this is the link to shop via my friend and rep.

~ Application ~

I begin with a good old fashioned cleanse and tone, followed by some Arbonne Mattifying powder. After this I apply moisturiser then work in the CC Cream which I have gone into detail on here. It saves me so much time not messing around with primer, foundation and sometimes even concealer, great product for spoonies! Next comes the concealer, which I apply using the brush pictured below.

This brush is actually really good for applying concealer under the eyes. I accidentally ruined my e.l.f. concealer brush and until they start shipping the UK again I have been buying brush after brush to find a suitable replacement - this may just be it!

After concealer I go straight to the eyelashes as that involves the most control. I can do the rest of this look on a bus or in a car, so my order of application is a bit backwards to most people. Barry M's Lash Vegas Waterproof is my mascara of choice.

 This is because it gives great length and volume while being the most waterproof mascara I have ever worn. My eyes water a lot when I'm fatigued and when pollen counts are high - basically, all summer. This stays put like a dream during those long, busy summer days of work and you can read more about it here. When applying it, I go for two coats; the first includes upward sweeps and a downward sweep, the second just upwards. 
 I have found that more recently, tubes I have purchased have become clumpy after only a couple of weeks of use. To combat this I warm it up before use either between my thighs or under a boob. I'm sure a cup of warm water would work but that involves getting up.

Once my eyelashes are perfect I set upon my eyebrows.

A long time fan of Barry M's brow kit - I have recently discovered this baby. I adore this palette full-stop, but this powder colour is great for my eyebrows at the moment. All I do is lightly fill them in using the e.l.f. angled brush. Again, complete lack of skill and effort.

Next comes a quick layer of the B. Set powder to for a little extra coverage and a little less shine. I then move onto the blush. I find Sleek's Rose Gold blush is great when I lack energy as it isn't so pigmented that the tiniest amount needs loads of blending out. Rather, it's really build-able and provides a natural, healthy hint of colour with a lovely golden shimmer when it catches the light. It's just gorgeous and easy to apply.

Following this I add another layer of mattifying powder just to top things off, then apply the lipstick.

Photograph by Kelly, The Vegan Taff - A Cruelty-free Beauty and Lifestyle Blog

As my phone is my only camera I called upon my friend Kelly from The Vegan Taff for use of her photo of this lipstick. It is the one on the left but the one on the right is also fantastic. I love this lipstick because it is surrounded by moisturiser so keeps your lips hydrated so forgetting to apply lip balm at the beginning of the make-up application process doesn't matter. It also needs no skill whatsoever to apply. I LOVE lipstick but rarely wear it because I faff-up putting it on properly and fail miserably at keeping it on.
This I just apply like lip balm and voila! Lips with colour on! Apply to lips, smoosh lips around a bit, done. The colour also stays, for ages. The glossiness goes which isn't an issue for me at all,while the colour is almost like a stain, which prolongs the effect of the look ("I have made an effort").

This is how it looks just after the application of one layer. It can be built up to be super bright and utterly gorgeous. I like to let it dry a bit and add more throughout the day to keep my lips nice and pink. Versatile and lovely!

That is the finished look. I hope you like it and it helps someone have a less stressful or tiring time getting ready one day. If you have any tips for saving time and energy with make-up please do share them in the comments. I'd love to know them and I'm sure other would :)

Big love.

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