Sunday, 14 June 2015

Original Sauce Raspberry And Cocoa

Hey, hey, hey!

It's Sunday, I'm recovering from a wedding and tired myself out editing photos too much to post about said wedding - so have a Public Service Announcement:

While I was in Tesco before my Pizza Hut Adventure (documented here), I thought I'd treat myself to smelling nice in the shower after years of only really using Aqueous Cream (yay, eczema). This bottle in particular caught my nose:

The cocoa fragrance smells of a rich, dark chocolate that makes me drool. The raspberry  tells your nose that your mouth is about to be treated to some dark chocolate with raspberries - like this but better. Way better. When you lather it on in the shower (a little goes a long way!) you smell incredible. Beyond edible. It's just absolutely bloomin' gorgeous. So gorgeous in fact, that after returning to my friend's house (where I keep it) after using it once or twice I found it like this. The bastard.

As it's a seasonal edition I don't know how much longer it'll be available, so if you want to smell extra lush in the shower, I'd go get some soon. It really is scrumptious.

What's your favourite cheapo shower gel? Do let me know in the comments, I want to smell divine!

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