Monday, 29 June 2015

Nerdy Necklaces | Stargate & Pokemon

Hello there, squires.

Jewelry is something I intend to wear on a regular basis but mostly forget to. However, since I've had a bit of money to treat myself lately (actually having a job) I've been buying some and discovering my tastes. I've actually been remembering to wear it, too! As the girls at work like to talk about their rings and bracelets, gold, silver and Pandora's and don't understand my taste at all - I thought I'd share my finds here in case anyone else would be interested. I'd love to find a blog post pointing me to this stuff at least.

This first necklace is for all you Stargate fans out there. The symbol for Earth. While I am not one for nationalism and wearing flags of my home country, I will proudly wear the symbol for my home planet around my neck. I love the copper tones of it - I am usually a silver lady but it works so well with the parchment background. I was wary of the length as I have some rather large boobies on this ol' chest of mine, but its weight keeps it in place and in a good place (see bottom picture). Due to this I have been wearing it to work and confusing the non-Stargate fans while delighting fellow fans.

You can pick this baby (if they make another one) and other geekery up at Fantastic Frippery on Etsy.

The second necklace is this lovely little snoozing vulpix in a heart pendant. What I love about this ais that is an upcycled Pokemon card. I love a bit if recycling or upcyling and I love vulpix, so this was a no-brainer for me. What was a brainer, apparently, was choosing a chain. I knew I wanted a proper chain for it, and I like silver, so chose that. When it came, however, I wondered why I did this. A copper one would fit so much better, so I shall be using the one from the Stargate necklace for now. It is available in a silver heart, too - I must have been tired when ordering. The creator makes loads of these with different Pokemon so your favourite it most likely available - I'll definitely be buying more! For now though, an adorable vulpix snuggling up on my bosom is perfect.

This, along with many many others are available at Charming Sushi on Etsy.

This is the length of each of the necklaces. They are really easy to remove and pop onto other chains. I like to wear them with t-shirts and anything with a crew neck.

I absolutely love these and cannot wait to add more nerdy necklaces to my collection. I hope this has helped or inspired somebody in their hunt for the perfect jewelry. If you know of any other awesome necklaces of a sci-fi, fantasy, generally nerdy nature please let me know in the comments. I'd be so grateful, and I'm sure others would be!

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