Monday, 8 June 2015

Lisa Gets Leaner | Spoonie Food - Naked Blue Machine


A while ago I was so horrified by a carton of coconut water that I had to write a blog post about it (here). Since then a friend of mine has suggested that it may have tasted so horrendously wrong because of the transport or storage of it causing... something to happen with fermentation...? I hope this is the case because these guys make some awesome drinks, one of those being this beauty:

This is great for us spoonies because not only is it full of scrumptious fruity yum that is good for the soul and skin angels, blueberries, but it has B-vitamins! B-VITAMINS! I'm sure if you have chronic fatigue you'll have been recommended b-complex supplements, and this is basically that, but tastier. It's a great source of B12 which us vegans are supposed to be extra vigilant about. [Two bowls of fortified cereal a day, anyone? Easy.] It's also high in fibre which, you know, working poo tubes and such. All very good.

A bottle is 243 kcal, which is like a small breakfast, good snack or petite meal. I find them rather filling so they can definitely be used for any of the above. I tend to drink one as I start my shift at work when I'm extra low on spoons, during a break, or when I'm seriously flagging. As I currently have one in the fridge I am realising how much of a good idea it would be to have a bottle for breakfast while I get ready for work (all those super-healthy fit #eatclean types have smoothies for breakfast, right?). Rather than set aside time to sit down and eat after preparing my food - that sounds more extravagant than it is, I just shove cereal down my throat/chin/top, I can slurp away while sorting my face out. Brilliant! They may be high in sugar due to being made of fruit, fruit and more fruit, but so is cereal. So, nerr sugar police, I'd rather have this sugar.

Now, as they are £2-3 a bottle, I cannot afford to have them for breakfast very often, so shall maybe buy a couple for breakfasts when I need to be at work / the doctors particularly early. If you have money, they make more smoothies than this and I'm sure they'd all be a real breakfast treat for busy people!

I lack the brain power for proper research these days but I have this and this telling me they're safe for vegans so I shall believe that for now.

Hope you enjoy this drink if you try it! Do you have a favourite smoothie that does more than just taste good? I'd love to know in the comments below.

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  1. Hi Lisa,

    I used to think Naked's smoothies were really good too, but the amount of sugar is on par with a can of Coca Cola (and that for me is just too much, no matter what the drink). If you're looking for a good half-way house, I'd suggest trying Savse smoothies (you can get these for around £2 in Boots) and they're half the sugar but just as tasty! Also, they're an independent brand, rather than being owned by Pepsi.

    Besma (Curiously Conscious)

    1. Awesome, I'd much prefer to buy from an independent company - will have a look next time I get to a Boots with a food and drink section and keep an eye out for them in the meantime, thank you! If they're good for energy I'll be all over them :)