Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Jellygoose Adventures | Vegan Cheese at Pizza Hut

Hey-ho, gang.

I realise that going to Pizza Hut doesn't sound like an adventure to many people but all my spoons are taken up by work. Doing anything in-between my shifts is a mission and Pizza Hut is over 20 miles away. However, I received a lot of tips one day last week and suggested I treat my friend to their favourite pizza place, as they have a car.

As it was half-term that week, we had to park in a Tesco car park near the restaurant. He suggested I go buy some cheez and take it in with me to see if they'd use it on my pizza like Pizza Express famously do. I was excited and terrified at the idea. I HATE alerting any service staff to me being vegan or being awkward and difficult in any way, let alone being so pompous as to take my own food to a restaurant and ask to eat it... on their food?! I can't imagine the reaction my chef friends would have to this. Being vegetarian is confusing enough where I live. Having someone come in asking for a veggie pizza with dairy-free cheese would cause their brains to implode. However, as I was with a confident chum, I sucked up all my courage and went along with it. We even took forever tracking down a cheese grater (even the Tesco staff couldn't find one!) to prep it in case they bought their normal cheese pre-grated and lacked a grater.

Thank my lucky stars, the lady serving us was ever so nice about it. Although my mate mentioned the dreaded V-word to the guy who showed us to our table, I managed to just keep to "dairy-free" when it came to our waitress. (Does anyone else find it almost shameful to admit to being vegan at mainstream food places? It's as if food allergies are acceptable as they can't be helped but choosing not to eat food deserves no respect and judgement.) She said it was fine, took the tub of grated Tesco cheddar cheese (it melts well and has more of a pizza-cheese taste than original Violife, which is the only Violife that Tesco stocks) and skipped off to the kitchen with it. This was it. It was really happening. I was finally one of those awesome vegans that takes their own cheese to pizza place and has AWESOME pizza.

My excitement rose and rose. I decided to go with the classic rule that their garlic bread is vegan (last I checked) for my starter and ate as much salad as I could without filling myself up too much - I REALLY wanted this pizza. Food makes me happy. Niceness makes me happy. I was very happy.

Our server brought us our pizzas and naturally, I had to pose with mine before eating it. It is 2015 after-all.

I was wondering where all the veg was on my pizza when I found something round, red and flat on it. Being a naive idiot I asked my chum what it was, expecting it to be some kind of vegetable, all of which must be hiding under the cheez.

He told me it was pepperoni. My excitement dropped. I WAS a difficult customer after-all! Nooo! I wanted to just keep it quiet, eat more salad and let my buddy have my pizza. I wasn't angry with the staff, I just didn't want to be a problem for them! My mate called our server over and explained the situation to her. She was ever so apologetic about taking our order wrong (while I was convinced I hadn't been clear about which pizza I wanted and I was an utter pain in the arse), took the rest of the cheez (they used it on my mate's pizza too for some reason so there wasn't a lot left) and rushed off to the kitchen to get my pizza made. This meant my friend got an extra pizza, so that was cool.

She returned to our table in good time with my original order - and Pan Crust Veggie with Tesco Free From Tangy Soya Medium cheese. So good. It was lovely. Thank you, Pizza Hut. I can't wait to try it with Violife Pizza Cheese! And with a decent amount of cheese!

All in all it was a funny little adventure, I am glad I braved taking my own cheese somewhere as now I shall continue to do so in hope of cheezy foods out and about. Pizza Express do this (and to be honest, I prefer their pizza and trust them more) and now we know Pizza Hut do too, well, at Tower Park, Poole at least. Go invade them and let them know that dairy-free cheese is wanted! Pizza Express have their cheeseless veggie pizzas as of last year, you never know what might come next!

It was lovely to socialise and have both a happy omnivore and a happy vegan at the end of the trip. This is about as exciting as my life gets at the moment. Yay life as a working spoonie :P

Hope you're all having a grand time.

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