Thursday 11 June 2015

Barry M Lash Vegas Waterproof Mascara / Reusable Cotton Rounds

Hey, hey, hey!

Today I bring to you a make-up review and a bit about making skincare more eco-friendly from my upcoming zine, The Jellygoose Chronicles 2. My zines are very much like my blogs but more visually exciting as I draw the heck out of them. 

You can purchase the first issue and more at my Esty shop, linked here.

A review if it is here, as I find it hard to explain what on earth my zines are.

Anyhoo! The first make-up review of any kind I ever wrote:

Reusable cotton rounds here, here and are easily found with a short internet search. Fabulous things!

Hope you enjoyed this different post! What's your favourite vegan waterproof mascara?


  1. I love the Barry M Lash Vegas mascara. I used to only ever use the waterproof for my bottom lashes because it's the only one I've ever tried that never flakes or runs, but I've recently fallen in love with it for my top lashes too. It gives me more volume and length than I remember.

    Fab post, I love seeing something a bit different, and your illustrations are great.

    The Vegan Taff | cruelty-free beauty and lifestyle

    1. I think it's getting better again! Recently I've only been wearing mascara on my eyes due to work being stupid busy and being too tired for make-up and my manager was like, YOUR LASHES! So i let her borrow a tube of this and ended up giving her one from my stash, haha. She was hooked after one use! If only there was a waterproof mascara this good that was good for the lashes, too!


  2. Hi Lisa,

    Thanks for this! I've been wondering where to get the reusable cotton pads for a while now!

    Besma (Curiously Conscious)

    1. Etsy is great for them, plus you're buying directly from the person making them! Love it :)