Monday, 29 June 2015

Nerdy Necklaces | Stargate & Pokemon

Hello there, squires.

Jewelry is something I intend to wear on a regular basis but mostly forget to. However, since I've had a bit of money to treat myself lately (actually having a job) I've been buying some and discovering my tastes. I've actually been remembering to wear it, too! As the girls at work like to talk about their rings and bracelets, gold, silver and Pandora's and don't understand my taste at all - I thought I'd share my finds here in case anyone else would be interested. I'd love to find a blog post pointing me to this stuff at least.

This first necklace is for all you Stargate fans out there. The symbol for Earth. While I am not one for nationalism and wearing flags of my home country, I will proudly wear the symbol for my home planet around my neck. I love the copper tones of it - I am usually a silver lady but it works so well with the parchment background. I was wary of the length as I have some rather large boobies on this ol' chest of mine, but its weight keeps it in place and in a good place (see bottom picture). Due to this I have been wearing it to work and confusing the non-Stargate fans while delighting fellow fans.

You can pick this baby (if they make another one) and other geekery up at Fantastic Frippery on Etsy.

The second necklace is this lovely little snoozing vulpix in a heart pendant. What I love about this ais that is an upcycled Pokemon card. I love a bit if recycling or upcyling and I love vulpix, so this was a no-brainer for me. What was a brainer, apparently, was choosing a chain. I knew I wanted a proper chain for it, and I like silver, so chose that. When it came, however, I wondered why I did this. A copper one would fit so much better, so I shall be using the one from the Stargate necklace for now. It is available in a silver heart, too - I must have been tired when ordering. The creator makes loads of these with different Pokemon so your favourite it most likely available - I'll definitely be buying more! For now though, an adorable vulpix snuggling up on my bosom is perfect.

This, along with many many others are available at Charming Sushi on Etsy.

This is the length of each of the necklaces. They are really easy to remove and pop onto other chains. I like to wear them with t-shirts and anything with a crew neck.

I absolutely love these and cannot wait to add more nerdy necklaces to my collection. I hope this has helped or inspired somebody in their hunt for the perfect jewelry. If you know of any other awesome necklaces of a sci-fi, fantasy, generally nerdy nature please let me know in the comments. I'd be so grateful, and I'm sure others would be!

Saturday, 27 June 2015

Lisa Gets Leaner | Weekly Weigh-In | 27.06.15

It's that time again, just... on schedule this week!

This has been a week of paying attention to calories then a BBQ with Pizza Hut. [the Pizza Hut down the road from Castlepoint, Bournemouth also lets you bring your own cheese in! Woo!]

I weighed myself earlier on in the week which shows just how much weight can fluctuate, and how the odd pound or two isn't much to really worry about (I gained and lost 4 lbs in 24 hours). Unsurprisingly I hadn't lost any weight, nor had I really gained any. Again, I weigh less than I did when I started, so all is well!

I have found the more ill I get with fatigue the less I care about dieting and the dregs of anorexia don't even try to take control. Maybe it's because I'm too tired. I'm definitely too tired to care consciously.

Anyhoo. I have been sent home from work today as I have tired myself out so much so if I gain weight in the next week it's because I'm putting my health first, and that is okay. If I lose weight? Bonus. I just want my body to stop hurting and my brain to start working.

Hope you're all well.

Friday, 26 June 2015

Spoonie Make-Up | Lips and Lashes

Hello there, gooses.

Today begins the first of a series in which I share my tips for cutting corners with make-up to save time and energy while looking like a healthy person who has made an effort at the end of it. I hope this provides inspiration for fellow spoonies who find make-up a little too much most days but are required to /want to wear it anyway. So here goes!

~ Lips and Lashes ~

This is my go to look when I am working an “early” shift (in pub hours that is starting at midday) or when I am particularly low on spoons. It requires hardly any skill, time or effort, so is, therefore, perfect. The subtle hints of make up that mascara and a hint of colour on the lips provide are great at giving the illusion that you've made an effort and are, therefore, healthy.

~ Products involved ~

Make-Up Revolution Amazing Care Lipstick in Electric Love

Arbonne products need to be purchased through an Arbonne rep - this is the link to shop via my friend and rep.

~ Application ~

I begin with a good old fashioned cleanse and tone, followed by some Arbonne Mattifying powder. After this I apply moisturiser then work in the CC Cream which I have gone into detail on here. It saves me so much time not messing around with primer, foundation and sometimes even concealer, great product for spoonies! Next comes the concealer, which I apply using the brush pictured below.

This brush is actually really good for applying concealer under the eyes. I accidentally ruined my e.l.f. concealer brush and until they start shipping the UK again I have been buying brush after brush to find a suitable replacement - this may just be it!

After concealer I go straight to the eyelashes as that involves the most control. I can do the rest of this look on a bus or in a car, so my order of application is a bit backwards to most people. Barry M's Lash Vegas Waterproof is my mascara of choice.

 This is because it gives great length and volume while being the most waterproof mascara I have ever worn. My eyes water a lot when I'm fatigued and when pollen counts are high - basically, all summer. This stays put like a dream during those long, busy summer days of work and you can read more about it here. When applying it, I go for two coats; the first includes upward sweeps and a downward sweep, the second just upwards. 
 I have found that more recently, tubes I have purchased have become clumpy after only a couple of weeks of use. To combat this I warm it up before use either between my thighs or under a boob. I'm sure a cup of warm water would work but that involves getting up.

Once my eyelashes are perfect I set upon my eyebrows.

A long time fan of Barry M's brow kit - I have recently discovered this baby. I adore this palette full-stop, but this powder colour is great for my eyebrows at the moment. All I do is lightly fill them in using the e.l.f. angled brush. Again, complete lack of skill and effort.

Next comes a quick layer of the B. Set powder to for a little extra coverage and a little less shine. I then move onto the blush. I find Sleek's Rose Gold blush is great when I lack energy as it isn't so pigmented that the tiniest amount needs loads of blending out. Rather, it's really build-able and provides a natural, healthy hint of colour with a lovely golden shimmer when it catches the light. It's just gorgeous and easy to apply.

Following this I add another layer of mattifying powder just to top things off, then apply the lipstick.

Photograph by Kelly, The Vegan Taff - A Cruelty-free Beauty and Lifestyle Blog

As my phone is my only camera I called upon my friend Kelly from The Vegan Taff for use of her photo of this lipstick. It is the one on the left but the one on the right is also fantastic. I love this lipstick because it is surrounded by moisturiser so keeps your lips hydrated so forgetting to apply lip balm at the beginning of the make-up application process doesn't matter. It also needs no skill whatsoever to apply. I LOVE lipstick but rarely wear it because I faff-up putting it on properly and fail miserably at keeping it on.
This I just apply like lip balm and voila! Lips with colour on! Apply to lips, smoosh lips around a bit, done. The colour also stays, for ages. The glossiness goes which isn't an issue for me at all,while the colour is almost like a stain, which prolongs the effect of the look ("I have made an effort").

This is how it looks just after the application of one layer. It can be built up to be super bright and utterly gorgeous. I like to let it dry a bit and add more throughout the day to keep my lips nice and pink. Versatile and lovely!

That is the finished look. I hope you like it and it helps someone have a less stressful or tiring time getting ready one day. If you have any tips for saving time and energy with make-up please do share them in the comments. I'd love to know them and I'm sure other would :)

Big love.

Monday, 22 June 2015

Lisa Gets Leaner | Weekly Weigh-In | 22.06.15


In true Lisa style, I started a weekly series about weight then spent a week in a place with no scales. So, have a late one.

Unsurprisingly I have gained 1-2 lbs this week. As I attended a wedding, ate a lot, drank a lot, then had to eat a lot to recover and generally survive the following week, I really don't care. There was also a BBQ and a trip to Nando's. The way I see it - I don't weigh 15 st 7 lbs so I have lost weight. That was the aim, happy days!

Saturday, 20 June 2015

Jellygoose Adventures | A Very Purbeck Wedding & OOTD

Hello, everyone,

Sorry for the quiet week on the blogging front, I've been working and recovering from the wedding this blog is about! So without further ado, here we go!

For what may be the first time in my life, I was ready before my lift arrived. So I snapped a picture for Twitter, as you do. 

This is my Arbonne rep, she's also a make-up artist and always looks perfect. <3

We were a little late compared to everyone else but, you know, not late for the actual wedding. This did mean we ended up sitting with a the choir that was providing the entertainment between.... things. Like, in between readings and while papers were signed and things. It was a bit scary. Have a waiting for the bride photo:

Here are the ushers trying to figure out how a door works:

We weren't allowed to take photos during the service but it was all lovely, funny and a bit weird. Perfect for the day.  

Once we were out of the church, photos were allowed again. The confetti was biodegradable or banned, which I liked. Here are the fabulous bride and groom (and photographer, but I don't know him); Crabby and Lize. They are two of the most treasured people in my life. Two of my friends during high school and the kindest, most brilliant people in the world.

The same goes for these two. I don't know where I'd be without my school friends. Favourite people forever!

The photographers took loads of photos outside the church as you'd expect. I took this opportunity to snap the coming together of two of the best families around. It's SO AWESOME. (note the groom's nephew hiding from the cameras, so cute!)

After lots of catching up with chums, it was time to head to the reception lead by these guys.

We made such a big, slow moving queue that we broke reality and help up a tractor! 

While parking up in Worth Matravers we found a new structure we dubbed Woodhenge.

As we took a different route to Worth we waited outside The Square and Compass (my favourite pub) for the happy couple to arrive. As they have both worked at this place for a long time, it seems natural that the reception be held here.

There they be!

Wheyyyy! That horse had the most magnificent moustache I have ever seen.

The dress is SO her. The pretty little details and modesty of the shrug - couldn't be more perfect. I like to think he wore brown because he is an archaeologist and loves dirt. 

They are lucky to have, in their circle of close friends, a florist. I have only recently began to really "get" flowers, and I though the ferns and twiggy bits in her bouquet were great - very earthy, foresty very Lize. I especially liked the grey furry thing. Their crew of creative friends did a great job of the decor inside the marquee. We even got gifts in the form of Liza's ceramics! Do check her page out here, she's so hardworking and talented and creates beautiful pots, buttons, earrings and all sorts!

I simply had to wear it as an earring.

Now. The Food.

Upon sitting at my place I was delighted to find we had Elizabeth Shaw's Mint Crisps to munch on. Naturally I stole everyone else's and had some for dessert.

Although I had arrived prepared with a backpack full of food, I scouted around the buffet (provided by Love Cake etc.) and found a gorgeous mix of vegan food so nabbed what I could before it all got gobbled up. I scoffed on beetroot and cumin houmous (my new obsession), cous cous salad with courgette and a lemon dressing, green beans, salad leaves and the most scrumptious sun-dried tomato bread I have ever had the pleasure of tasting. It was all so filling I didn't even go back for seconds!

I couldn't figure out why there wasn't a swarm of people swooping in to get pictures of the cutting of the cake. I shuffled a bit closer but was too shy to be the only one striding over for a photo. Was was great about the cake is that it wasn't really a cake at all, it was rounds of cheeses arranged like a cake! Well done, guys. Well done. 

The speeches were hilarious and pavlova was also available for those who wanted something sweet. It was absolutely lovely catching up with all my school friends, meeting their significant others and generally being around so many lovely, happy people was fantastic. It really was wonderful. I had to take some sneaky photos of people having a good time.

There was a lovely floral archway at the entrance to the wedding party so my friend Deborah and I used it for outfit photos... OOTD time!

Due to a lack of clothes and a toenail infection I took the opportunity to make my outfit really "me" and wear boots and a "leather" jacket. So I loved it.

I used frilly socks to make my boots more weddingy. They are a similar colour to some of the detail on my necklace so I think they worked quite well.

I failed all day to get a good photo of the necklace, but found this joke cleavage shot which gives you a good idea.

My nails are pink to match my bag, and also echo the necklace as well.

Sunglasses were the most colour-coordinated pair I own as i was wearing purple eye shadow.

This dress is super posh for me and fells gorgeous. It's so nice to fin a dress that actually fits my boobs in and ties at the waist so I don't look like I'm wearing a tent. They are super cheap and widely available on ebay. They are definitely suitable for anyone of any shape or size I can think of. The link below is the only one I can find with this colour, but the images are a bit warped. It is the same dress, and there are loads of sellers of them on ebay. 
I felt dressed-up and I felt like me. Perfect.

Dress | ebay
Jacket | Primark
Boots | Primark
Necklace | Primark
Bag | Primark
Sunglasses | Fatface via a friend
Socks | New Look

Nail Polish | Barry M
Glitter Topcoat | Barry M
Eye Make-Up | Makeup Revolution

~ a pub with a view ~

A barn dance ensued once people are digested their food. I kept meaning to join in but kept running into people to natter to. All of a sudden the dance of over and the second band of the night were playing, and we were dancing! As I was having lots of fun drinking home brew and dancing, not many photos were taken from then on.

These two left fairly early so they could enjoy their first wedding anniversary the next day - happy anniversary, guys! I also made sure I had a lift home at a decent time to save me from the inevitable partying 'til dawn that would've followed otherwise. Being a spoonie means learning all these tricks that make you feel like a right boring old fart!

It was the best time I have had in a long time. I love my friends so very much and rarely get to see them nowadays due to my stupid illness. For a good few days afterwards I was feeling super refreshed and dare I say it - energised. This was only really a refreshment for the soul as my body is still complaining, but a grand day it was, and a grand time was had. 

May your marriage be full of awesome and radness. You two were obviously made for each other and the joining of your families seems so natural it's a joy that it's finally official. I'm so proud of you both and everyone involved in making the day as wonderful as it was. Have the BEST time on your honeymoon celebrating your marriage and Liza's college results. Big love for a big future, guys!


As you can imagine, being a spoonie and drinking alcohol left me rather fragile the next day. So this is a shout-out to Cody the dog for making it more bearable. Woof woof, howl howl.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend, too.