Monday, 11 May 2015

OOTD | It Looked Better In My Head

This is the story of attempting to do my first OOTD post. As I had two days off in one week where I actually had to leave the house (rarely a good idea), I got excited at the idea of wearing clothes that weren't my work clothes or pyjamas. I really wanted to wear tights, found a dress I'd been missing for a while, and thought I'd created a really cool, Laura Jane Grace inspired outfit.

The first attempt occurred in a rushed fashion, on my way to a small work do. I asked my chum to take some quick snaps for me. He has never seen or heard of #ootd and didn't realise he was supposed to include the shoes, but here's what happened then:

"Stop making me laugh! Models don't smile!"

"Please tell me what to do - and don't take photos of me talking."

Ooh yeah, sexy takin'-the-hat-off face.

"I hope I don't have hat hair."

"I bet I do, are you supposed to bring mirrors to these things? Oh well, lolololol"

A few days after this, I donned the same outfit as I only wore it a few hours, didn't spill anything on it and didn't want to add to my washing. On the way back from a scrummy Sunday Lunch, we tried again, rushed again, with my belly full of food and my brain full of nope...

"We gon' do this yeah?"

"Is this how people pose?"

"I feel like I'm missing something..."

"Dammit, my hat. I love that hat."

"I've seen this pose somewhere before!"

"Shoot for the stars! ...No, wait. That's far too energetic"

"Ooh crud! Better get a close-up of the jewelry!"

After taking all these photos in which I had no idea how to stand or what to do with my face, I got home, looked at them and realised I forgot that a range of poses were supposed to occur. Not just standing there. Just sitting there would have sufficed as it's variety, moving, walking, vogueing! Brain fog took over and what it resulted in amused me, so I decided to document it here. Have a product list, for the lulz:

Battlestar Galactica Beanie | Ebay
Pretend Leather Jacket | Primark
Tatty, Worn Dress | Primark 
Tights | Yours Clothing
Shoes | Doctor Martens (chalk pen drops not included)
Necklace | J!NX

Hope you get to wear clothes you like, too! :)


  1. HeHe! Made me chuckle....
    I think you look like a million dollars..!
    All green and crinkly....! :).
    Perhaps a lemon tea! May help!
    And..And...It's time they put a roof on that house,
    at Corfe Castle...HeHe! My favourite part of Dorset...
    Wareham, Corfe, Swanage....Gods own...!!!

    Do l wear cloths like...Yeah! Every day of the week..
    You bettacha....Try stopping me...As l always say...
    "Every Street is a Catwalk".
    Have Fun Now...!

  2. Every country lane is a catwalk too! ;)
    I spend almost all my time in those three towns! A roof would be nice though, or a lid! :P

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