Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Lisa Gets Leaner | Tea | Two Fruit Teas

A quick tea blog today as there is not an awful lot to say about these two.

Sainsbury's Raspberry and Apple Infusion.

After sipping this for the first time, I couldn't for the life of me figure out why I've been trying flavoured green tea when fruit teas exist. I think I must have forgotten about them because it makes no sense. I love apple, I love raspberry, I love apple and raspberry. This tea smells amazing, and of course, like all teas, the taste isn't as strong as the smell, but it still tastes good - like watered-down apple pie.

Sainsbury's Blackberry and Blueberry Infusion.

This one tastes like warm Ribena! Did you used to drink that when sick as a child?

Both these teas are sweet. I crave sweet a fair bit, especially after meals at home which is usually tackled with an Oreo. As these teas are 5 kcal and Oreos 53 kcal, I shall use these and other fruit teas I find instead. These may also be sweet enough to replace my beloved sugary, milky English Breakfast Tea!

I think I've done it, guys! Fruit teas are the way forward. This blog will get more interesting now, I promise :P

Enjoy your tea!


  1. I do know that Twinings do about 60 different fruit
    teas....When l go to my daughters, she has at least
    a dozen boxes, along one of the kitchen units. It's
    great fun, working ones way along, and tasting them
    all...But! But! I still have to start my day with Earl Grey,
    and lemon! :).

    I do like that mug...As l've worn Dickie Bows for some 40
    odd years now! Never seen one like it....!

    1. I am yet to try Earl Grey with lemon! I must get on that. My housemate at uni had about a dozen or so different teas in her cupboard. It was magical.

      It's a Doctor Who mug! :)