Friday, 8 May 2015

Lisa Gets Leaner | Tea | Cherry Bakewell Green Tea

More flavoured green tea! I WILL be trying some that aren't green tea, I promise. The isle in my local supermarket is just so full of deals on Twinings green teas at the moment, I just can't help myself! This time around it is the glorious-sounding Cherry Bakewell Green Tea from, you guessed it, Twinings.

This one actually smells of green tea rather than the added flavour which surprised me. Usually they smell great! This just smelt of green tea with a hint of cherry and almond. As you can imagine, I was dreading tasting it as I am not yet accustomed to the bitter taste of green tea, however, it's actually rather nice! The first couple of sips were pleasant enough, cherry bakewell taste, watered down, a similar game to the teas I have previously tried and featured on this blog. Due to these past experiences I was prepared for it to taste more and more of green tea as the drink went on, but it didn't! The taste of watered down bakewell sweetness with a hint of green tea lasted the whole cup! Usually these teas taste of green tea with a hint of whatever they've been flavoured with but this was a wonderful, backwards surprise. I wouldn't rave about it as a cherry bakewell flavoured tea as the taste is so watered down, but as a green tea? Fabulous. I'm even having another brew as I'm typing this,

Thank you, Twinings! I feel a little bit healthier drinking this than normal tea, am curbing my hunger in-between meals (my stomach's kicking off two hours after eating, I'm not being silly) and consuming less calories at the same time! Woo!

Do try this one, if you want to pretend you're healthy, too :)

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  1. This sounds wonderful. I'm yet to try any green tea, but if it has a flavour that I know I already like I might just give it a go. Now, if only I could find some vegan cherry bakewells to go with it...

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