Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Lisa Gets Leaner | Spoonie Food - St. Dalfour French Bistro Three Beans with Sweetcorn

Hey guys! I wasn't going to post a Spoonie Food so quickly after the last one but I visited Purbeck Wholefoods in Wareham,for the first time in years and got really excited when I saw the following, so bought it and ate it.

Pre-packaged healthy food all ready to eat! With sweetcorn! Yay! Only 193 kcal per can, too! 

When I opened it I felt like I was opening cat food but the food looked so gorgeous it was definitely going in my mouth and not the dog's. So I grabbed a spoon and dove in...

It. Was. So. Soft. So soft. The carrots had the same texture as the carrots in Heinz Lentil Soup. Everything had that kind of texture, even thr sweetcorn was soft?! I was so disappointed as it really wasn't pleasant to eat at all, but rarely one to waste food, I persevered. I chucked it into a bowl with salad leaves, apple cyder vinegar (?) and sriracha. This made it more bearable as I could dilute each mouthful of it with crunchy leaves so the texture was less prevalent. The taste was strange, not hugely pleasant but not gross. The sriracha helped but I put way too much cyder vinegar in, my mouth was very confused about the while situation.

I would not rush out to buy this again, or any of the other varieties in the range - I saw a few vegan ones. However. I feel I owe it to the company to try again as I REALLY want to like these as I'm so grateful they exist. The packaging has the suggestion of topping with cheese and microwaving. I shall give this a try as the same shop sells Violife Pizza Cheese (thank the gods!) sooner or later. I imagine sooner as I'll only put it off for ages otherwise, it's so weird. It also suggests enjoying with fruit conserve (???), serving with sliced tomatoes, lettuce and onions or with carrot/celery sticks. Maybe!

This may be right up your street, as it says - "Finally! Fast, Healthy, Gourmet Food". Finally! Fast, healthy, low-calorie, vegan food! I just wish it wasn't so soft!

If you try any of these I hope you love them! If you have any you'd recommend please let me know in the comments below, I want these to be wonderful so bad!

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