Friday, 15 May 2015


For a long time now I have been trying to articulate my feelings towards the whole "love your flaws" message that is popular these days. I hate how people just seem to unquestionably accept someone else's definition of "flaw". I don't see my stretchmarks, scars and spots as flaws, not even my baggy skin, they're just parts of my body. Physical evidence of my journey so far. Just because the beauty industry has decided they're flaws doesn't mean that they are. "Be your own kind of beautiful" really should mean that you define beauty for yourself. If I am beautiful, then so are my stretchmarks. I'm not beautiful and have stretchmarks. Everything's included! That kinda thing. Then lo and behold, Amanda Palmer did it beautifully so I don't have to :) The following is taken from her post on Facebook:

This photo was posted along with the text on her Facebook page.

"i’m kind of sick of seeing all these ads fucking everywhere telling women to “embrace our flaws”. whoever said they were “flaws”? what’s a “flaw" anyhow?

let’s look it up.

it’s "a mark, fault, or other imperfection that mars a substance or object.”

MARRED? dude. i’m FINE, me my personal collection of hard-won scars and hairs and curves and and stretch marks and twinkles and wrinkles and folds and flaps and muscles and and freckles and lashes and nails and veins and stuff."

For the rest of this post which you truly should check out, click here.

Thank you Amanda Palmer.

Big Love

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